What Will She Choose-A Happy Marriage or A Successful Career(Part -2)
|   Jul 17, 2017
What Will She Choose-A Happy Marriage or A Successful Career(Part -2)

Swati wanted to choose her career but what about her parents? What will they answer when asked about swati? What will the society say? Will Rajesh be able to accept the truth? How will Rajesh's family react? After all, she was the one who had decided to marry Rajesh after being in love with him for two long years. Why should the families suffer? All these thoughts were revolving around her mind. Her heart had asked her to stay back but, her mind was just asking her to leave and pursue her dreams.

She thought about this very deeply. Like every girl thinks she was also thinking about the society. Society's​ pressure and her unconditional love for Rajesh was not permitting her to leave her family. Finally, after thinking days and nights she chose her family and decided to pursue her ambitions later in life. She had loved Rajesh unconditionally and so she had married him. she had made up her mind. She wanted a happy family. A successful career can also be made with a happy family but, a happy family cannot be made after a successful career.

Swathi's mom had never stopped her from marrying Rajesh but she had once said a few words "Always remember when you make a sacrifice in marriage you're sacrificing not to each other but to the unity in a relationship". These words were enough for her be firm on what she had decided. And after that she never looked back. She is still the personal secretary for Rajesh and now a doting mother too. Somewhere in her heart the ambition of having a successful career still persists but, she has accepted the fact that dreams do come true but they take their own time and she is waiting for her right time.

What do you all think. Is it a wise decision ? Please reply in the comments section below.

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