Dilemma of a mother and a financial supporter.
|   May 16, 2016
Dilemma of a mother and a financial supporter.

It had been almost 8 months I had taken break from my work. My workplace where things were not working for me. I missed my baby's all milestones. 3 months post delivery I joined office thinking that my husband would not be able to take the responsibility financially.

It was so difficult for me to join office and keep my baby at my mom's place. I missed her first word, her walking stunts, her monster personality. When ill I was never around, my husband took care of everything. Where was I in this full bargain of my life ? A financial supporter probably.

I worked for 2 and half years and then quit. I was not able to handle the inner pressure and tandav of emotions. Now I am enjoying with my daughter but somewhere that financial independence has gone. I think of getting a job some where nearby so that I can always be near to her and not miss any milestone of her life.

But somewhere I am in dilemma whether I should stay at home or start working because it's now a crucial time for my daughter to get her upbringing in a value based way.

This dilemma pops up in my mind everytime I go for an interview.I wish I get a job where there is a proper work life balance. Oh My daughter ! forgive me if in future i am not around when you need me.

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