A letter from a mother to her son
|   Jan 31, 2017
A letter from a mother to her son




It Only seems like yesterday when I held your hand in mine and promised you the world of happiness and here you are, a handsome young man all ready to get his dream girl and begin a new chapter in your life called marriage. You look nothing less than a Prince Charming , as the beautiful bride eagerly awaits you and together you are about to head on a new journey with lots of adventures. Like everyone else I do not need to lecture you on how to be a good husband or how to face this major change in your life. Because there is no fixed formula for a successful marriage. It is all a matter of experience and understanding between two people. But I would like to share what a girl feels and what could be in her heart as she takes this brave step of leaving her family, her home, her friends, her lifestyle and come into your life to make it her own. To make your family, your place, your friends her own.When a girl decides to get married she has convinced herself that her happiness lies in spending the rest of your life with you. She trusts you, has faith in you and believes you are the best person who will always be by her side. No materialistic thing can ever give her as much happiness as your love, affection, respect, attention and care will give her. She may not tell you all the emotions that go through her but if you just are willing to be a good listener she will always give more than she ever gets in return. Always make sure that the friendship in your relationship never dies as it forms the base of love. Girls are often very sensitive and emotional and you might mistake her expressions as drama or fake. But never make her feel unheard of undervalued. She can fight the entire world for you but if you fight with her she will probably lose hope and feel lonely as ever. Don't be a man who tries to be authoritative and tries to show his wife her place in the house. But be a gentleman who is sensitive enough to her feelings, who genuinely wants to listen, does not abuse or humiliate her and does not make her feel inferior just because she is a woman. Relationships strive on love and trust. They are like a rubber band. If one person is pulling one end, the other needs to let go and vice versa. If both pull from both ends, the rubber band will break and both will get hurt. Never say things that will leave an impact on the persons heart forever. If it's your mistake don't be ashamed to apologize or make up for it. No one is superior or inferior in a relationship. Both need to be treated as equal, you just have to take turns to be matured and handle situations when needed. If such little things are taken care of marriage is an exciting journey to look forward to.I know you are an amazing guy and I have complete faith in you and the values you have learned from us. Your bride is truly beautiful by heart and I am sure she is going to brighten up by our life. And I wish you both a very happy and successful married life.With love, Mom.

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