M.S.Dhoni movie review.
|   Feb 05, 2017
M.S.Dhoni movie review.

MS Dhoni – The untold story that now unfolds 2nd April 2011, ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP final, India Vs Sri Lanka, at a packed house Wankhede stadium, Mumbai. Sushant Singh Rajput re-enacting the moment when, Dhoni enters the ground after India gets off to a shaky start and we all expect to relive the moments back from that historic night but cut, we are taken into flashback to 1981 in Ranchi when Maahi is born. And so begins the story of MS Dhonis life. A small town boy from Ranchi, his transformation from being a goal keeper to wicket keeper, how his school cricket coach finds his potential behind the wickets in cricket, his ever blossoming talent, his ordinary family living in small quarters, his highs and lows, and how he came to being the most loved cricketer and the Dhoni we know in todays times. 

Neeraj Pandey has tried to portray MSD’s life as accurately as possible and has succeeded to quite an extent. He has tried to piece together all the important aspects of his life in the movie and has been able to do it quite well. We get to see things that very few people would have known about Dhoni, like his love for bikes and dogs, how he missed out on an important match in Agartala when he got selected for the Eastern Zone team etc. The film is full of punches as well with dialogues such as DHONI SACHIN NAHI DHONI DHONI HAI or YE LADKA ZARA SE MEIN NAHI MAAN NE WALA. There are some light moments in the film as well which are sure to bring a smile on your face. Sushant Singh Rajput has done quite a justice to Dhonis character. Fine details such as the nail biting habit of Dhonis, the twist of his nose and even the broken and imperfect English language that he speaks initially has been carefully considered. We even hear a character say to Dhoni that Apni spoken English sudharo kaam ayegi. Sushant has worked really hard on making sure that his expressions and emotions are controlled just like Dhoni is in real life and the reason he is known as Mr.Cool. After seeing the film I couldn’t think of a better actor who could have played MSD’s part so brilliantly. 

Other supporting actors such as, Anupam Kher the insecure father, Bhumika Chawla as Dhonis sister, Disha Patni his ex gf and Kiara Advani as Sakshi Dhoni have played their parts well. The music of the film is okay and can go unnoticed. By the end of the movie as we are taken back to the Wankhede stadium, the nostalgia steps in, as we relive that historic night when Dhoni hit a six out of the park and India lifted the World cup after 28 years. The hall was filled with a thunder of claps, whistles, cheers for DHONI DHONI and almost everyone in the theatre had tears in the eyes. The movie is a little lengthy but if you are a Dhoni fan you wouldn’t be complaining.  No success story is complete without the struggles and the hardships that go along with it and Neeraj Pandey has surely tried to show us that no matter how popular and successful Dhoni is today, he has also been as vulnerable as any human being and has had to work his way up. He has had to go through several tough times to become the man that he is today. He has quite ideally (as seen in the movie) shown us that life will throw bouncers, sometimes full toss, sometimes swing ball at you but to survive all you've got to do is play the ball to its merits. His story is sure to inspire and motivate many people to be better at whatever we are doing and we hope he continues to make our country and Indians proud. 

For me I will give it <3<3<3<3/5

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