To be or not to be (STUBBORN) !!
|   Jan 04, 2017
To be or not to be (STUBBORN) !!

Are you a strict parent by nature? Or you act as if you are stubborn? For those who are assertive by nature, being a strict parent is easy. 

Being strict isn't easy at all (atleast for me). It needs a lot of conviction . It pains when we scold our little darlings .These days , we ought be clear of where to hold our child and where to let free.

But from my observation , we parents need to be stubborn in few things not only with our kids but the surroundings too.

To our parents, in law's and relatives :

-> no phone please

There are parents who are strict not to give phones to kids atleast till the age of 2. So, when some elder of the family tries to attract the toddler with their phone, the parents are clear and straight "please don't give the phone!"

-> No spoon feeding!

Being in a nuclear family, we parents cross each milestone of our child like a battle. Potty training, night time restroom training etc. Among these, I find self eating habit as a major one. It takes quite an effort to make a child eat on its own , especially fussy eaters . Eating on their own gives them more energy than force feeding say doctors.

But when we visit our parents/in law or when they are here, they love to spend quality time with their grand children. They show their affection by all means. Hence, they love feeding their little superstars. But as a parent, many of us don't entertain it and we are forced to be stubborn "No feeding ma! Let her eat how much she can, let's feed the rest.." because if the habit slowly vanishes, it's difficult to bring back .

-> she is allergic.. please....

Milk, chocolates, ice creams, juices are considered children's birth right. Kids are offered with them by guests and loved ones. But, are they kids friendly!?Many kids are allergic or prone to health issues . Again we parents have no other choice but to give a blunt look and say, "not now pls.. she is allergic ..".

That one spoon of ice cream or one gulp of soda does harm your child in a way.Some kids are allergic to milk, curd and some specific food. In that case, it's absolutely fine to tell your family members or friend (hosting the party) straight, not to offer him/her .

-> Give me freedom to be strict pls...

This is one point we ought to be clear as parents , please allow me to restrict her when I want to. Grandparents are a unique piece , they raised their children (us) with strict 'No' and restrictions, but when it's their grandchildren they don't want us to be strict. Not hurting anyone here, but it's true kids seek refugee from grandparents when we are strict. And if it's a joint family, we ought to be clear , "please don't restrict parents in front of the child"

Stubborn towards our kids friend

* She has exams , not today.

* It's cold outside, she will come tomorrow.

*No bullying.

*You played together, you clean the room together.

These are few, we parents repeat to our kid's friend with stern face and clear tone. Any change in the tone or face expression, then we are taken for granted .

Stubborn towards our kids

The list is long here :). It differs from parent to parent, child to child. As parents, our motto is simple and same, to bring up a good human being inculcating good values in him or her. But the ways and methods differ. But, at times we ought to be stubborn !

Bringing up a child is like making a beautiful statue from a shapeless rock. It does pain for the rock while shaping it. But , it pains for the chisel too . The chisel (parent) takes the pain so that the rock becomes a beautiful statue in future.

Are you a stubborn chisel(parent)??  What are your thoughts on this?

Do pen down your thoughts on comments. Meet you all with a better blog. Till then, happy parenting :)

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