MY family is complete....
|   May 18, 2016
MY family is complete....

" A family is not complete till it has daughters", " A daughter is your best companion" , are probably the commonest phrases that I come across as I mother a son. At times I would sit for hours thinking whether it is really something that I am missing. Am I missing a princess in my house. There would always be a yearning in me that I would be missing those girly talks and mushy cuddles, I would miss those pinks and frills all around my house. But as time passed by, with my son growing,  what I find is, he is fulfilling all the desires I had and missed because I don't have a daughter.  Though he does not use frills and pinks but reciprocates equally to my emotions as a daughter does. He makes cards for me on Mothers day, he sits with me in the garden and discuses his thoughts. Even though he is a son he helps me with my daily work.

Is is right when we say that only girls understands emotions and are more bound to parents as compared to a son? Is it true what we read in books that boys reciprocate less and girls more. What I could understand is that if I tell my child that you my child - period. Girl or a boy is immaterial. If I make him responsive towards feelings he would, If i tell me that taking care of family is a neutral job and not related to gender he would, if as a mother I imbibe in him the need to be attentive to others feelings he would. And with each passing day I am realizing that yes, he is a boy but he care, shares and shows. By the end of the day what matters is he would be a responsible member of his family and society at large. 

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