Are we protecting our kids
|   Feb 16, 2016
Are we protecting our kids

Are we protecting our kids?

Thanks to nuclear families and technology if say so… we have kids who are well aware and informed of most of the things… We all love our kids but to what extent are right we cannot judge…. However this one instance left me speechless

In an instance I witnessed yesterday there was a mother who was scolding his child normal but not normal as she was doing in school in front of 50 odd people and above it she was scolding his friend as according to her his child got scolding…

To me as a mother and also as an individual if we are scolding our kids we should not do that in front of others… And then scolding someone else is big no … This small things leave small imprints on young minds we should be very careful while doing that

If we keep on overprotecting the kids how will they take their decisions and how will they face situations. In the end we want confident kids and not kids who would look at us for each and every small decision.

So please next time we raise voice we should be cautious and take care….

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