Are we being chicks or being Nirbhayas?
|   Jan 12, 2017
Are we being chicks or being Nirbhayas?

07/01/17, 8:19:26 PM:

What happened in Bangalore is shame.Its time that we ladies should stand up together united.Its absolute pits.It has always been a crime.The molestation needs to be treated as a national sin,till then nothing can be done.The CCTV footage will make you give goose bumps.When you watch these Sexually invaders you think where is our Indian values and culture.Does our culture teach and preach to tease the defenceless women.These louts are not different from anywhere in India .It is such a bestial behaviour.The brutal answer is to wake up and give them a punch on their crotch.The politicians verdict is "Yeh to Hona hi tha",why because they are women and not allowed to booze,dance,do night outs,go to pubs and discs and wear short clothes.Its ridiculous to get such comments.

No we will not be allowed to be a ghunghat wali aurat serving her husband,in laws and children.We need our own space.

We will eat,drink,wear,party out where ever and whatever we want to do .

In a poetry form the whole incidence;

Kirti Bhatia: Poetry :Nightmare (courtesy Bangalore new year eve)

It's a shame utter shame !

Are these creatures giving an excuse that is just lame πŸ˜’ ;

they are rapists are they being a critic,

for women who wear short skirt @midnight for them they think it's a gimmick;

is this the real issue,

O lord! Believe me there lies a deeper issue;

Their thoughts not clean and soul not pure

Harass us(women) westerly who wear;

She can be your daughter

Or can be your sister

I urge in protest

Ladies wake up it's your acid test;

Let you not be Nirbhaya

for these men let you do their kriya (last rites);

do not tie a Rakhi even if it's a culture

Do not do the teeka let their be mourning in black for the so called vulture;

let them repent behind the bars and their tear 😒 pours

Let them mourn in silence like you do yours;

learn martial arts 🎭 learn taekando πŸ‘Š

For them it will a great πŸ‘ work to become a self defended you;

protect yourself and learn self defence

as these creatures are in variety and immense;

they are sexually invading they are womanisers

media men don't add up your TRP for these day dreamers;

Politicians and chauvinist male pull up your sock

dare not say men always rock;

socially boycott them

hardly hit πŸ‘ŠβœŠοΈthem and slap πŸ‘‹ them ;

they are sick 😷 skin traders

shameless you lonely creatures!!!

(@Soul touching poetry by Kirti Bhatia)

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