Do you know why you should not drink a glass of juice ?????
|   Mar 02, 2017
Do you know why you should not drink a glass of juice ?????

Yesterday,my uncle and aunt brought a basket of juice for me!!!!!They said ,"बेटा पी लेना सेहत बनेगी "We all drink variety of juices in our daily lives .This industry has shown acceleration in the market ,but hold on readers juicing is not always beneficial neither on a regular diet or on dieting.When my aunt said those words ,it supported me to write this blog ,I spontaneously replied,"सेहत बनेगी या बिगड़ेगी???".They were curious to know more.So I told them the following reasons of not sipping those juicery contents.

1.Sluggishly effecting the gut ;our digestive system;

The transition of fruits 🍉 into juices effects our gut system as it renders our hormonal secretions less effective.

2.No fibre content ;

When we liquidise fruits 🍉 and vegetables 🥒 it immensely loses it's fibrous content .(P.S:- fibre makes our body full for longer and has a disease preventing effect).

3.Portion out of control ;

An average glass of juice requires 4-5 portions of fruits 🍉 and vegetables 🥒.Hence,there is too much goodness for one serving.But in one for we can't consume so much of fruits and vegetables.Hence,it goes out of control.

4.More hunger and that too sooner;

As juices are in liquid form they are processed by our body faster than the solid ones.

For example;

An apple 🍎-process -chewing-digestion by our enzymes (stomach).But in juices this process is passed by and the duration of meal 🥘 is significantly reduced,so we get hungry earlier.

5.Spike in blood sugar level;

Juice induces sugar cycle which sets off a vicious cycle hence affecting the appetite and predisposing diseases like diabetes.

But apart from all these disadvantages there is a good news,we can consume juices in a right way;

1.Vegatable juices are a good option than fruit 🍉 juices.

2.One should include seeds and ingredients like sunflower 🌻,pumpkin and flax seeds to a glass of juice which makes it healthier and palatable too.

3.Have your juice at the earliest after preparing as the later you consume it loses its vitamins and nutrient content by getting exposed to atomisphere.

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