6 zesty ideas to help moms with oranges
|   Jun 03, 2015
6 zesty ideas to help moms with oranges


Do the dishes. 

Soak orange peels with vinegar. Makes a great cleaner with a wonderful smell.

Clean the microwave
Place orange peels in bowl with water. Run for 30 secs. Wipe clean

Get rid of pests
Help keep mom’s kitchen ants free with orange peels.

Help mom keep your family safe from mosquitoes.
Rub orange peel on arms & legs of family members.

Make mom a face pack.
Mix orange peel with milk. Apply on mom’s face. Let dry & wash.

Giving mom a headache?
Make her orange tea to make it go away. Boil water in microwave. Put in tea bag and orange peel. Cool and serve. 

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