Breast-Feeding- The purest of all bonds
|   Aug 13, 2016
Breast-Feeding- The purest of all bonds

By Snehal Buch Thakare

When I first held her in my arms, a sense of happiness, fear, anxiety surrounded me. Whether I am holding her properly, is she comfortable, why is she crying, so many questions. And then, I held her by my chest. It was only on the second day I was allowed to breastfeed her. First feed holds a very important place in a mother-baby relationship, an important milestone. Most of the times its not so-smooth. Some babies tend to take more time to adjust with surroundings. Sometimes it clicks instantly and babies are able to get started easily. While there is a few time, when its an exercise, which requires lots of efforts and patience. During the initial days every mother goes through a lot because of some basic issues like child's latching problem, lower milk supply, lack of proper knowledge of breastfeeding positions, crack and sore nipples. But then, we are the supermoms! We can do whatever is needed for our child's well-being.

I was lucky enough to have supportive people all around me. My mother and my husband helped and encouraged me immensely. My husband encouraged me to overcome the starting trouble. On the other hand, my mother recited her own experiences. She also took complete care of my diet (which is very important for mother who breastfeed their babies). The inclusion of eateries like sesame, green veggies, juices in my diet encouraged milk supply to a great extent. Just in the matter of a few days, me and my baby were in proper routine breastfeed cycle. Believe me it gets easier by each passing day. By each passing feed.

Sometimes, I used to get tired of long feeding sessions at nights. Mostly because I was recovering from c-section. And pain occasionally surmounted to unbearable. But I kept on going. Feeding my baby gives me happiness. The satisfaction that, my baby is getting the proper nutrition and immunity boost by my breastmilk. There are moments when I feel tensed, like when visit our Pediatrician for vaccines. As then, I know I would have to feed her at least two times. But thanks to the staff, they make all the arrangements for breastfeeding moms.

Me and my hubby love shopping, eating out, having fun with friends. I again get worried, 'How would I feed her?' I ask myself. But my hubby is always ready with some solution. Our car, or that nearby friend's home, the restaurants with some privacy, ladies changing rooms at mall with proper privacy and sitting arrangements. All these come to my rescue while feeding my baby outside the home. My friends always support me to find a proper place and tell me not to hesitate to feed my baby at public places while we are on outing. My doubts and hesitations to go out have vanished by time.

My daughter gets all the benefits of breastmilk and for this I would like to thank all my support system, My family and my friends. When my baby is sick, cranky, wailing, I just breastfeed her and instantly she is calm and happy. And so am I.

Benefits of breastfeeding:

* Strong immunity

* Proper nutrition

* When she is sick and not feel like eating solid breastmilk comes to the rescue.

* Strong bond between me and her. Heart to Heart.

* Less chances of infection in earlier days.

* Maintains my weight without any workout :D

Now my daughter is 13 months old and I am still breastfeeding her. I plan to continue for some more months. #Breastfeeding is a nature's boon for mother and child. By getting support from surroundings, having patience, help from family members it gets easier and achievable for all the mothers.All these factors #HelpMomsBreastfeed

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