When my cutie put chocolate wrapper in a dustbin
|   Sep 14, 2016
When my cutie put chocolate wrapper in a dustbin

My fourteen months daughter was roaming in the house here and there she went to utility area where dirty utensils were kept her grandma was trying to get back her from there she take my daughter forcefully from there and closed the door. she started crying and screaming, to console her my MIL gives her a candy which is kept in a jar on dining table.

 As soon as she got a candy she stops crying and went to her papa who is in living room for asking him to open the wrapper. She ate the candy took the wrapper from his hand and came to the bedroom. I was there organizing my wardrobe I saw her coming from living room and went to the dustbin and trying to open the dustbin I thought she is taking out the garbage from the dustbin to play and for throwing all over in the room (she always do that) so as soon as I saw her I ran towards her for stopping her and clean her hands but as I went to her I saw, by one hand she is trying to open the dustbin and in other she was holding the wrapper. I got curious to know what she was trying to do so I helped her and open the dustbin for her as I opened the dustbin she throws the wrapper in it and started walking towards the living room after watching her act I was just speechless and started clapping for her and kiss her on cheek. I felt so proud of my daughter that I share this with everyone by calling them. My fourteen months daughter make me proud that day. How come she learn this? I ask myself. After thinking for a while i smile because this habit she learned from me. I always throw things in a dustbin wherever I am. If there is no dustbin I keep things in my bag and throw when I am home. My husband too always look for a dustbin whenever we were at public place but he is careless at home he dont make a effort to getup and go to the dustbin but my cutie did it and I am so happy that she will be a disiplined citizen of India. She is the next generation and future of our country. Childrens observe us and knowingly unknowingly we are teaching them the good and the bad things. Our act is followed by our childrens. From that day I am more aware of what I am doing and what I am talking, always try not to set bad example infront of her.

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