Love you mumma...
|   Dec 01, 2016
Love you mumma...

Yes ..jus like all I too love my mom and that love has been increasing in leaps and bounds as I enter each new phase of life....

I'm not generalising things here , these are my personal experiences and thoughts based on the same. 

Born in 1980's, I have had a very good childhood. Though schooling related decision was not my choice I have had a very good schooling and a lot of memories in them. And thereafter I had a chance about what I wanted to do and what not to do. I pursued the education of my choice, career of my choice and also married the man of my choice.  And I never faced any time limits for these .. 

In spite of so many decisions taken by myself... I have several complains (may be complaint is a big word..) But mom have you ever complained about anything that has happened to you or with you???? I wonder if you ever got that thought in your mind...

  1. Schooling: You hardly got your schooling completed and entered the marriage phase.  Even for name sake I've never heard you being unhappy for that. You never ever said that you didn't get enough time to enjoy and live your young age.  But now we have so much choice given regarding education. In spite of that many are clueless about what to do. 
  2. Marriage: You hardly got to see dad before tying the knot but even then you never ever said that your opinion didn't matter at all.  But nowadays we have all the freedom to decide when and to whom we want to get married. Even after that we still feel we are not ready for marriage and the responsibilities after that. But howcome you never had any issuses about the age at which you did the knot and to whom you got hitched. I wonder....
  3. Life style: As far as I know there is no much change in your life style. You are the same person with same and increasing responsibilities and same timings with no holidays no breakd and what not... Whether I'm working or not I always have the urge to take a break\ holiday from the routine as often as once a week.. But why didn't u  ever feel that ??? You never ever got the thought of skipping one of your regular chores.. Be it cooking or cleaning or washing or whatever. I really wonder...I have never seen you expecting any kind of perks(be it as simple as a compliment) for all that you have been doing over years. But frankly.. I cannot do the same without any such recognition. Even after almost 40 years of marriage you have the same chores to do.. Getup early, cleanup, cook, wash, and so much other work which often goes unnoticed.  
  4. Cooking: Mom don't you ever get bored or tired of cooking every meal everyday??? I always wonder how is that even possible??? If I cook for 4-5 days in a row I feel so exhausted and jus skip it for day at least... By how come you never got that thought of skipping one of your chores??  And moreover I don't think any of us have ever appreciated all this. Without any any expectation you have been doing all this since years without any weekends or holidays.
  5. Children: Though you got married at such young age there was no option like waiting or postponing pregnancy. It was just in a flow all that happened and you never felt you did not have enough couple time before we arrived. How could it be possible. But today though we get married  after we are ready still we need some more time for planning family.... Even after that we feel that by getting into all these we might get trapped and need more and more time to enjoy life as n individual and later as a couple...  Do you even know what 'ME' time is ??? Which many of us always look forward to have. And not to forget with almost very little to no help from dad in terms of waking us, bath, dressing, making breakfast, packing lunch and so on all by yourself for all four of us(yes we are 4 daughters to our parents) you never looked irritated(irritated is a big word .. You were not even tired) or expected any help. Did anyone ever ask you about your well-being, what you like and don't like.. I don't think spite of that you never felt ignored or insignificant.
    How maa how is it possible for some one to be so selfless for years together and I don't really think just becoming a mother by giving birth to one makes us selfless. We are no where near you and your efforts that you have and are taking. And I don't feel like ending this article at all because I can keep writing about you forever. 

    At least from last few years there is not even a single day on which I didn't feel great about the traits that I've written above. I only keep wondering how you made all this possible... In a single word I can only say you are simply WOW .... Love you MOM

    P.S. dedicated to all the mothers out there. Guys I would love to see your comments on how true your felt these to be.

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