Mind over Religion
|   Jul 24, 2017
Mind over Religion

Mornings are so peaceful here.I see so much difference in the serenity of Jorhat than of my hometown Guwahati. It doesn’t matter how bad your your previous day was,the morning never fails to soothe your mind. The eyes get a real treat of nature.The nature engulfs your mind so much that you see feel peace and calmness everywhere.I travel by the university bus everyday which is almost 15 kms from the town.It takes almost half an hour to reach my work place.With my earphones on ,some enthralling music of Rahman blends with the mesmerising beauty of the fields to help your mind relax.As I see beauty in every single thing on the streets,I would like to brief one small but effective incident of one such morning in my life. There are somethings which I feel inside are only expressed through my writing.I am quite a chatterbox otherwise ,but its a habit of my childhood that I tend to take the help of my pen while expressing my real feelings.Well now the pen got replaced by the keyboard.That day was a bright sunny day and I got ready to start my day.The bus arrived just in time.The trees glistened in the sunshine.Got my earphones connected and as usual my half an hour journey of admiring the town began.Just as we crossed the bypass there was a temple ,then another just opposite the North East Institute of Science and Technology(NEIST). I do fold my hands and offer prayer when I see these temples. Sometimes I do miss the prayer, if am not too distracted by the enchanting fields.After a while you get a beautiful mosque which shone bright in the sunshine and looked so peaceful and serene in white.I folded my hands again just to be stopped by the person next to me.”Are you Muslim?” she asked me with sceptism.I said No. Then she laughed and said then why are you acting so.I could have replied her something ,but I smiled and somehow I couldnt break the peace of my morning mind which I always carry everyday to work.The reply I would have given her is exactly what I am jotting down now.I am not a Hindu nor a Muslim.I am a human who loves nature above all.I offer a prayer in everything which is related to God. I don’t categorise beauty according to my religion.The mosque looked bathed in White Gold and was one of the beautiful sculptures of the area.I folded my hands as God resides both in the temple and in mosque or even in a church.First behave like a human,then act like a Hindu or a Muslim.God’s abode is beautiful in its own way.From that day onwards I feel more peace at mind as I came to know atleast I am a humanbeing whose eyes admire beauty in its raw form, rather differentiating according to one’s religion.That is where my mind wins over my Religion.

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