The New Born
|   Jan 12, 2017
The New Born

I wrote this poem when my daughter Ria was born on 5th August 2016..but an Angel's abode is always in Heaven I guess ,so God called her very soon on 9th Nov 2016....Stay well my Shone....Maa and Detu loves you ...I can't thank my friends for their incessant support to me and Tonoy. that would be a very small word.You have made both of us very creative.Ria,you loved songs when I used to hum them you were in your deep sleep.Your smile was so infectious ,that within a month you captured all hearts.You have made daddy love his music more and your Maa is enjoying the newly found poetess in her.We love you, please come back to us.

The New Born

Behold your petal like fingers,Holding hands we will move together Eyes with volumes of innocence ,And mine filled with pearls of loveClinched to yours my nose,I smell your divine fragrance.  The deep breath in your slumber,Lend me air through my lungs,I see the sunshine and even the sunsetAll luminous and no darkness prevail. Your tender feet moved me to a celestial placeMy dreams turned colossal with each passing dayMy beautiful child,I nurture your every wishAnd fulfil all your dreams and beliefs.

The whole journey with you is a melodious song,A song which heals the mind ,but you beautiful soul we were unaware that you are not there for long.

Your smile gives me intrinsic happiness,spreading love and more love,You were God in disguise,fortunate is the mother who took you in her arms.

Glimpses of you is also like a shooting star,which symbolises that there exists divine love ....the unconditional and insane love of your father for your mother.

The orchids are still blooming in your memory,A Jasmine is all decorative in memory of your charm.A Bougainvillea is also waiting for your presence again.You loved flowers ,they miss your pure smile too.

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