A quick tête-à-tête with that lazy 'Diaper' Mom
|   Feb 02, 2017
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A quick tête-à-tête with that lazy 'Diaper' Mom

Hi Mom, how old is your baby? : My daughter is 18 months old now.

Do you still put her on diapers?

: Yes, I do.

Well strange, how often?

: Very often, most of the time.

Don't you know with diapers all the time, her skin can develop rashes?

: Yes but if do things well, then such problems won't occur . It's important to timely change diapers, dry the skin before we put the next one and regularly massage the area to keep skin moisturized helps to eradicate such issues.

Yes, but still diapers all the time. You think it's a good situation when you are a SAHM and easily manage with nappies?

: Yes far better situation as its safer for my baby. She doesn't have to feel the cold at all if she poop in the diper, as they are super absorbent.

For that you should start her potty training, don't you think it’s late?

: When she will be ready, she will let me know. There is no panic situation, it's a phase that will pass soon .

You better start doing some 'shhhhh' or other clues to give her some signs.

:Yes sometimes she does it but sometimes she starts crying and I don't want to push her.

Why not, you will need to be strict on this matter or she will never learn?

:Each child has her own pace to understand and adapt things, I don't wish to tame her, but want to teach her with love. 

Haven't you looked at other children's of her age?

:Yes I do but there are many things my child does while others are still nascent in it. There is no need to compare nor compete.

But still, diapers are a costly affair. Agree?

: Not at the cost of my baby’s health, wellbeing and her smile when she is happy and dry!

How long you think you will continue diapers for her?

:I don't know, maybe till next month or next year. Today we don't discriminate cesarean delivery over normal delivery. Mothers don't put disclaimer about breastfeeding their children for any particular duration, similarly diapering need not be a taboo. It's a boon for the baby as well as the mother.

Ok, one last thing. Your mother never used diaper for you but you use it for your child. Why mothers like you are not efficient like your mom used to be?

: Mom and me are two different mothers living in a different world and generations so there is no doubt of indifference. Every mother does as what she thinks is right for her child. And while the rest of the world sleeps and snores, I don't wish my baby to sleep in a pool of pee.

Great, Thank you Mrs. Mom

: Your welcome; my Judgemental Universe.

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