#CSecOrNot, My birth story
|   May 17, 2017
#CSecOrNot, My birth story

I want to share with you, my experiences about my pregnancy. I was about 32 weeks pregnant when I had to visit my gynae for the routine Pap Smear procedure; I felt scary as I searched the google. ' I will have to lie on my back with feets in stirrups while a speculum will be inserted into the vagina to give my practitioner a clear view of  cervix'. What the hell will be that? , I re-imagined but amidst all the horror stories that I read before, everything went fine.There I was told that though baby's position was downwards, cervix hadn't opened much. " Is it going to be a C-section??", I asked my gynae and she simply replied, " lets see".

Days progressed and I tried my best to upkeep my body balance with those extra 21 kilos. I tried to feel labor contractions, or any water breakage or just any other clue that could make me bump at the hospital room but nothing like that happened. I didn't felt any labor pains and that made me scare enough to repeat my ultrasounds and NST( Non-Stress Test). Finally my doctor advised me to get admit in the hospital as I had already crossed my due date by then. My cervix  had hardly opened up and wasn't dilated; though I was kind of ready for the C-Sec but I still wanted to give one last chance. So we checked with our gyane to go for the artificial pains.

Many women are able to deliver normally through artifical pains but for me, it again went un-successful. The labor pains I were getting were not strong and the dilation conditions was standstill. Since I already had a voluminous swelling in my body alongwith higher weight, she advised me to undergo C-sec without any further delay; I had to agree. Though we ( me and my husband) both miss those 'normal  situations'  where I call him to say ' Hey, I think I'm having labor pains so please come soon' and he hold my hands in the hospital room and cheer me up 'Push Baby Push, a little more, yes you are almost there honey'. But nothing like that happened. I pre-packed my bag and checked into the hospital room, completed the formalities, had a drip on my hand and simply lied down on the bed. 

See nobody can predict if its going to be a C-sec or normal for a pregnant lady. I gave birth to my little girl through C-Sec but that didn't reduced my joy of being a Mum, and neither my partner had any regrets.  And If I talk about my gynae, well she is a wonderful lady. I chose her because I had heard alot good about her and about her pertinent stress for the normal birth deliveries. I'm still very grateful to her for all of her support and guidance that she provided me during my laborious 9 months. That time what mattered most to me was the successful arrival of my child in my arms and that all actually happened!

If I really talk about the growing C-Sec trend then I have a neutral say on that. My sister gave birth to two children, both through normal delivery while my Sister-in-law had a C-Sec. All of us had to undergo deeper pains, stress and we took our own time to recover. None of us had an easy journey, there were no shortcuts. We are still dealing with ups and downs of our bodies and health. But its always about those life-changing 9 months. Alot depends upon our body structures, hormones, and the kind of lifestyles we are living in. Doctor alone can't create any magic if we don't take charge of our health during those months and even before that in a healthy routine. Yes there are some sad cases, where the medical practitioners have actually turned into money-churners but for that we all need a good counselling to avoid any mis-guidance. C-sec can happen by choice too and that's perfectly Ok if someone wishes to. So let the Mom and her health defines her motherhood journey!

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