Jadoo Ki Neeni- Roadmap to Mommy's Sleep Goes through the Baby's Sleep
|   Aug 24, 2016
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Jadoo Ki Neeni- Roadmap to Mommy's Sleep Goes through the Baby's Sleep

Do you ever enact as if sleeping while your baby pokes your nose with her finger or hit repeatedly on your face? Do you also go completely numb with your eyes closed when the baby starts bumbling and wants your attention?? Well congratulations, you are not the alone who wish to rather sleep in those motherly moments but can't! 

As a mother, there was only one thing from my life before becoming a mother that I miss the most and that's my extravagant sleep. During the initial days, I imagined myself turning into a wobbling ghost with the big lone eyes. As the clock used to tickle 10 PM, my baby used to show various signs indicating that she wanted to play more. In those moments of motherhood, I could sense the whole world weaving dreams except poor me. And as the sun kissed our abode, my baby peacefully dozed to sleep. I was left with no time to sleep or even relax. But somehow, I was aware that the baby must sleep at night.

My baby is around a year old today but there is no magical dust to sprinkle for her better sleep. Instead I just followed several rules that worked for me:

  • Patience
  • Patience
  • Patience

Yes that's true but if your baby sleeps peacefully at a stretch, you are undoubtedly lucky but I wasn't, so I did few things like:

1. Up to 5 months I gave her a bath before sleep with periodic oil massage.

2. Daily between 10-11 my room lights were switched off even if I was travelling, her routine wasn't tempered.

3. I sang lullabies to her, daily.

4. Before she slept I breastfed her for at least 30-45 minutes so that her tummy was full.

5. A clean diaper just before the sleep so that once she falls asleep, nothing can disturb her.

And one important thing - I made her sleep during day. A day-sleep deprived baby can't sleep peacefully during night.

Many mommies suggested me since the beginning to feed baby formula milk at night so she could sleep for at least 3-4hours, but I somehow doubted that. As a mother, I followed my instinct only. Yes, we get frustrated when we are deprived of that lovely sleep but then a mother's hat carries hardships too, so simply be ready for it.


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