Simple daily Hacks for that ‘Extra Care'
|   May 03, 2017
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Simple daily Hacks for that ‘Extra Care'

A month before during Holi, my nephew went seriously ill. He constantly played in the water for hours and had to be admitted in the hospital owing to high fever and body pains. My sister sobbed’ If I would have checked on him and changed his clothes before, he would haven’t fallen ill’. What could I have suggested a Mom of 6 year old boy, I simply said “ it’s ok, all should we well at the end, and as a Mom we all learn, unlearn and relearn every day”. She couldn’t agree with me more and this is how each one of our life as a Mom moves on! We share our experiences, give our feedback and learn this art of being a perfect mother.

Well I have listed few of the daily hacks I do as a mother; you may want to have a look at them:

  • Wash my child’s clothes separately: Nevertheless I wash them with my hands or washing machine, but I always make it a point to not mix hers with ours. Also it’s not good to mix her soiled or wet clothes directly with her other stuff. I rinse with hands a bit separately before mixing all together.

  • Only use mild detergent or Ezee: Ok, there are child’s specific detergents in the market too may be because of their soft ingredients, but it’s always advisable to not use any harsh chemicals over their clothes.

  • Feed food that’s cooked not more than 1-2 hours before: My doll is 21 months old and till today I had made it a point never to give her already cooked food. Be it her favorite meal or mine, I always prepare fresh for her. Well that doesn’t mean I don’t give her processed food, I definitely do. But even the juices, yoghurts, cerelac or other baby food has a timeline and I follow it strictly.

  • Wash baby’s utensils one more time: My maid goes to 5 other households every day. No matter how proficiently we instruct them, chances of stain always remains. Whether there is any hurry or haste, I always keep a point to sterilize her bottles. So like if you are travelling there is no excuse to use just one bottle with you, carry more bottles; simple!

  • Make a portable diaper basket near to the area where baby spends her day that  includes 1-2 diapers, tissue box, nappies and 1 set of clothes so you don't have to go to baby room every single time you need to change a diaper or during any emergency. My baby has tendency to spill food often and no they can't stand dirt even for a second so everything needs to be handy; just a hand away.

  • Extra Care means not just another shampoo, cream or soap: I don’t prefer buying the most expensive toiletries for my child or the one that my friend uses for her child but the one that suits my baby’s skin. This is as important as buying a fresh and healthy meal for your child. I still remember the rashes and red patches she had on her skin at the beginning. No more such things now, touchwood:)

  • I may forget her ‘Maalish’ but never to keep her skin ‘moisturized’: This is a wrong assumption to not apply cream during summers and just talcum powder. Aren’t we not applying sunscreens or daily moisturizers on our faces, so what about the children?? Babies’ skin is too gentle and soft and I pray for her skin to remain like ‘googly-woogly-woosh’ forever…

  • Force but don’t push too often: This is the summer time; do you bother to have you all your meals in this scorching heat?? Well sometimes water suffices our tummy cravings and put end to our feasts. As long my girl has at least 2 proper meals in a day followed by the third one half completed and she takes good portion of liquids, I’m okay with it. No doubt I’m a strict mom but sometime I realize I too have to grow up and respect my girl’s mood.

  • Nothing special but I try to embark a Little difference in a daily simple life: It doesn’t rain everyday so why to stick to the same pattern all the time. There are days when I think that I’m tired to clean the house, so I put her in diapers. Sometimes she doesn’t like it, so I set her free in pants. I try to take her into the bathroom for that 'ssshhhh' or to make her sit on the potty chair but she rejects my plead. Lately I’m trying to forget what others teach me about her potty –susu training. I know she isn’t ready yet, she knows that she isn’t ready yet so what about others?? Well other’s opinion can wait. As long she is a healthy and happy child, nothing else matters to me.

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