Want to buy toys for your toddler- Check this out!!
|   Jan 17, 2017
Want to buy toys for your toddler- Check this out!!

As a mother, we frequently remain confused and look for options. During the initial months after birth, our mind catches up towards musical toys that rythmes and soothes our baby's mind. But as the baby grows up a little and gears up to explore new things, we can't restrict them just to light and music. It's time to hand-pick toys that not only draw their attention but also brush up their budding senses. I have listed few that I purchased for my baby, given in mind the price,long durability ( oops, don't rely on durability though:) and the time the baby would like to spend on it as they move on very quickly:

  • Rock- a-stack: Your baby can learn how to stack the rings based on size and color. Basically baby learns to grasp objects, and hand-eye coordination. These are bright and different in colors, though don't assume that the baby will form the stack right from day one.  It might take months! Price: ~ INR 150 

  • Lock Bead Shapes Multicolour: I got this one for my baby so that she can learn to differentiate colors and enjoys a classic play pattern. I would chain them together to make a circle and then detatch all again hoping she will do the same. However that takes time, but she would remain busy with them which is good for me. Price ~ INR 150 

  • Pull-Along Toy: There are so many cute and fancy toys in this zone with cats, dogs or even trains, like I got an apple over a pulling cart. Thank God she actually learned to call 'Apple' and now loves moving the toy with the thread, though at times entangling the thread within her legs:) Price INR 150~400 

  • Drum, Mobile Phone, Piano: I always love to have these musical toys for her. I got mobile phone for her that plays different sound and music. And when we are travelling, she can be kept busy for a while. Babies love to press the buttons and that's the reason they are so attracted towards TV remotes:) And small piannos and drums are all time favorite for toddlers. Price INR 300~ 1000. 

  • Shape Sorter: I bought this for her recently. As she is growing up, I wanted her to start identifying different shapes. She is good in dropping circle and square in the right hole but fails miserably with star and triangle. But a good product for keepinf her engaged. Price ~ 350

  • Blocks: They are must for any toddler as they inspire a child to design, invent and create. And ofcourse to throw and spread out in every corner of the room too, behind the bed, sofa set and beneath the referigerator! But in all sense, these are superb to keep the child busy. I got 80 + pieces of block set for my baby that keeps her busy while I cook food for her:) Price INR 300~ 1500.
  • Apart from these there are numerous other options ( few I forgot) to be listed down. Basically for a child, such a list is endless but it's always good to have few options in mind. Also do buy few books comprising big pictures, numbers, alphabets and nursery ryhmes for your baby. Do have few soft toys for her and do suggest something that's not in my mind!!

    But before you buy anything, make sure they don't choke or aren't  toxic. I know quality varies with price but cheap plastic, sharp toys won't be of any use but are rather dangerous to be around your precious one, so do the mommy-check always!!

    Happy Parenting Mommies:)

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