What age is appropriate to tell your child about good touch bad touch??????
|   Oct 01, 2016
What age is appropriate to tell your child about good touch bad touch??????

                                                     Good touch bad touch-

What age is appropriate to tell your child about good touch bad touch?????? 

 The age child starts speaking and understanding language. A toddler should be told about good touch bad touch due to increasing sexual abuse incidences with children. Weather it is a girl or a boy child few things we should be telling our children especially before they join school.

 A 1.5 year old child understands his own body parts and can be toilet trained..it is important to tell the child where we can touch and kiss.

Few things to remember

Don’t pat your child’s bums or kiss on chest:

Some parents unknowingly with affection pat their kid’s bums, but this is a strict no no … a child may not be able to realize when things will start turning ugly for him or her. Child may feel that this is ok and an act of love and affection which their parents also do. Tell them about their sensitive areas. - Incase any one touches the child in any of the sensitive areas tell them to scream loudly   “Don’t touch”.

Don’t pressurize your child for touchy affection with everyone:

If your child is a “touch me not child” ..it's ok …Don’t force your child for any kind of physical touch with each and everyone. There are cases reported against nearest and dearest relatives.

Tell your child to express discomfort by using words:

It is very important for a child and parents to understand that a child must have a vocabulary or should be able express his/her feelings .It is seen that sometimes a child might not be using words but would rather prefer to cry, yell, throw things and show all kind of weird behavior as the child understands that mom will understand and will give them what they want but for any immediate actions it is important that the child is able to express correctly.

Practice role play:

start playing role play games with your child .Give your child alone time slot or a free play slot .Mostly child mimic their friends, teachers ,parents ,grandparents etc .they might narrate their whole day in this play.


Keep observing your child .Mostly parents see WHAT the child is doing but WHY is more important. So in case the child is showing any weird behavior it is important to understand why…Interact with your child as much as you can.

Keep telling your child that your parents love you no matter whatever happens –

Make sure if any such kind of incidence or any weird behavior of any one is observed by the child. He/she should be able to freely speak about it to the parents without getting scared. Make your child understands whatever happens parents will be there for  him/her.

  • According to research:Most sexual abuse offenders are acquainted with their victims; approximately
  • 30% are relatives of the child, most often brothers, fathers, uncles, or cousins;
  • around 60% are other acquaintances, such as "friends" of the family, babysitters, or neighbors;
  • strangers are the offenders in approximately 10% of child sexual abuse cases.”

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