Journey of 7 hours , memories of lifetime..
|   May 18, 2017
Journey of 7 hours , memories of lifetime..

It was monday morning ,I was all set with my packed bags to fly for my hometown with my 'superactive' six months old daughter .Only hitch was how would she react seeing crowd since we had not roamed around with her much instead of doctor's clinic for vaccination and twice to temple. Purpose was to visit my mother who was not keeping well from last one month .Since nobody was with her to take care as my father left us 6 years ago and husband did not get any leaves to come with us , I decided to travel on my own. My mind was continuously juggling between expectations and reality.With too many questions ,tension of mumma's health and lots of anxiety I booked tickets. 

It was connecting flight since we had no other better option.My hometown is 1600kms away from where I reside currently. My daughter was quite calm when we left for airport from home everything was just as expected so far,voila !. I was happy and full of confidence that it will be all good further too as it's 5 hours travelling only. She started feeling restless and sobbed seeing the crowd when we reached airport.By the time I checked in to collect my boarding pass all of sudden during luggage check my daughter started crying incontrolably , all my happiness flew away in a minute. 

Everyone sitting or standing around right from security to passengers started gazing me as if I have committed some henious crime by travelling with her.Nobody showed a spark of decency.Poor me was figuring out how to calm her while struggling with luggage check regretting and murmuring slowly to self,'2 minutes silence for me who decided to travel alone with her ' and pledging 'please don't cry here once we reach at nani's place do whatever you want' but all in vain .My husband had already left for his office as he was getting late so that option was already close . I thought to give him a call and say 'it won't be possible ,I can't board in flight alone with her .I am coming back .' 

While I was struggling with it God sent an 'angel'to me.It was a 60 years old lady who was watching us from far came to me and started playing by making faces and singing songs with my daughter. She just string the right cord.Finally after 20 minutes continuous crying i heard some giggles, a biggg sigh of relief for me..yeaaaaahhhh. I did not know how to thank her more for helping me when it was so very needed.

While boarding ,my little munchkin sobbed occasionally but then slept peacefully. Icing on the cake was some really awesome passengers sitting next to me who helped me to complete my journey without further hassle. It's been six months now but I think this journey will be unforgettable for me.Though Manju aunty (that old lady) travelled only till Delhi but we had chit chat throughout (haha..women's nature,they just can't sit quiet). We had a halt of 45 minutes at Delhi airport and flight was late by an hour ...(due to bad weather,in winter) .somehow reached to destination after 7 hours.But all I would say that it was a short ,sweet and memorable journey since All is well that ends well ...

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