Retrieval of her dignity and self respect...
|   Jun 11, 2017
Retrieval of her dignity and self respect...

Lucky are those ladies who got life partner who knows their worth and give them respect well deserved.Not a small thing indeed ,her life takes a roller coaster ride from being a lazy gag ,centre of attraction, naughty ,chirpy,apple of her parent's eye to someone at in laws place proving herself as right choice and apt on poeple's high expectations with zero tolerance of in laws on any mistakes and all she does​ is live her life like a different person who's only motive in life is pleasing others. 

I want to share such an incident ,where my well educated friend Tanu , full of life and always smiling girl got married  to a person after 6 months of courtship . It was all OK in beginning ,she was happy to meet the man of her dreams ,Prince charming. But this fairytale dreams got shattered when she saw the real face of her so called new family, daily new comments who hit like arrow and gave her  incurable wounds  " tameez nahi sikhayi Ghar walon ne " , " inke mayke se kuch nahi aaya", and lots more right after first day of her marriage. It was certainly not expected , her parents did best of thier affordability whatsoever was finalized before the final ceremony, still such comments. However thinking her husband's family is her new home she beared all this everyday and tried to do everything possible that a women will do for her family,by neglecting her health and happiness but this was not enough . 

This episode kept on going ,her eyes and ears were thrusting for some kind words some mental support from her husband but hard luck hit her again. Mumma's boy was so very obidient and behaved just like a parrot, narrated the same comment and make Tanu accountable for this each and every passing day.She lost her smile , her health, her courage everything.She was not the same girl anymore. She had already hurt herself alot all she was thinking is now to get a job to start her life with some positivity,she was well qualified so she made it soo .her she was.It was good enough to regain her lost confidence.Though the salary was not much but she was happy to get her spirit back a little even . She was expecting at least some positive remarks from her husband Ankit but mumma'shourly boy couldn't see anything good in her efforts and efficiency, this time it was package which was good to add some insult to her injury. Like always Ankit started downsizing Surabhi saying "what is the use of this package ,it's like peanuts , bakwaas."No words of motivation and praise broke her from inside,all she wanted to do is commit suicide or break the relationship for the sake of her mental peace,she didn't get anything to move further in life but family pressure and thinking of her younger sister she kept quiet.

 After one year she switched another company and luckily the package was twice what she was getting.But nothing could ever bring a good change in Ankit again, he started comparing her package with his salary. When they had a huge fight over it She said" my salary is not that less I am happy since I am getting appreciation over and over again for my work."Like every other time Ankit said " how does it matter , you can't make money from your appreciation mails, its sheer wastage.You are not earning as me ,what I would do with your such stupid mails." And he left. Tanu was completely pissed off and was in tears for hours .This was high time for Surabhi ,since there was no point in beating around the bush.She gathered all her courage and decided to leave Ankit with a heavy heart for a betterment of her life and future.

Today she is mother a beautiful daughter and living her life with Pankaj who knows her worth and gives her all the respect and love she always deserved. Kudos to her spirit that she got her smile back and living her life all over again ,all she did now is rediscovered herself.

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