The treatment which is healing my daughter's eczema, my book on eczema and giving back to society
|   Jun 10, 2016
The treatment which is healing my daughter's eczema, my book on eczema and giving back to society

It has been a while since I have written for My last post was very well received and I felt that it was time that I update you as a lot of developments have taken place at over the past year or so. As many of you would know after reading my last post, I have my own separate blog called “” which I started almost 3 years back. But you may not know that I have recently written and published a book for children in this topic. The book is called “I have eczema…so what?” and it was released in Mumbai on the 21st of April. I will write more about the book later in this post. The other major development is that my daughter has been responding very well to the treatment I had started her on last year and her eczema is coming under control after a long time. This is quite an achievement for me and my family since the doctors had not really given us much hope of managing her eczema without the systemic and powerful immunosuppressive medication that she has been on for the past few years. And last but not the least, I am setting up a Wellness Clinic in South Mumbai with Dr Amrita Talwar (my daughter’s dermatologist) to help other people in managing their chronic conditions (like eczema, acne, hair loss to begin with) with the help of non medical interventions as a certified Health Coach from the reputed Dr Sears Wellness Institute.

Let me tell you a bit about the book and why I decided to write it. My daughter has been living with severe eczema for a while now and since it’s a very visible medical condition, she has faced a lot of taunts, comments and questions in her young life. This is apart from the actual daily struggle of living with this chronic condition which includes incessant itching, nights with broken and little sleep, dietary and other forms of restrictions including physical activities just to name a few. My book is about all these challenges and struggles of living with eczema through the eyes of a 9 year old girl called Maya and is based on all that we have been through. But at the same time it is also about love, determination and how her family stands by her. Maya thus learns to accept her condition and with her self confidence intact learns to live with it with her family's love and support. This book is also aimed at increasing awareness about this often misunderstood condition in our country and I will be working towards that in the months to come. The coauthor of this book is Dr Amrita Talwar, my daughter’s dermatologist and my mentor and also the person responsible for the idea of writing this book.

You can buy this book on Amazon and Flipkart and also as a newly launched ebook version for the Kindle. I suggest using the Kindle cloud reader for those purchasing the ebook version to get the full benefit of the beautiful coloured illustrations. I would love to hear your thoughts about this book and would appreciate it if you could put in a review on either of the sites. The links are all given below-

Amazon at

Kindle version at

Flipkart at

As I mentioned earlier, the improvement in my daughter’s eczema is the other major development which actually overshadows everything else that I have achieved. In my last post I had highlighted all our struggles and challenges that we have faced over the years trying to manage this condition. This time I want to touch upon the treatment and how it is helping to heal my daughter’s eczema. For the first time in many years, her skin condition has improved drastically overall to the extent she needs moisturisation only twice a day (from 4 to 5 times daily), has reduced itching which allows her to sleep through the night and also take part in activities like swimming etc. The treatment is called Functional Medicine and aims to treat a person with customized and holistic treatment and heal a person from within. I have written about it in details on my blog, here I would like to highlight the key areas. Functional Medicine believes a lot of chronic disorders including eczema has its origin in our gut (or the small and large intestine). More specifically, the health of our gut is determined by the trillions of bacteria (collectively called the “microbiome” ) which live in our gut and this in turn determines our health (or lack of it). There are many factors which adversely affects our gut health like overuse/frequent use of antibiotics, stress, toxins, inflammatory foods and unhealthy diets, illnesses to name a few. With the help of highly specialized Functional Medicine diagnostic techniques, my daughter was diagnosed with a “leaky gut or gut permeability” and put on supplements to heal her gut from within. She was already off inflammatory foods (like gluten, dairy, processed foods, preservatives) for more than a year before that and I made sure she had enough real foods like fresh fruits and vegetables etc. The treatment consisted of supplements like omega 3 fatty acids, glutathione (for repairing the gut lining), phytonutrients, Vitamin E, probiotics (just to name a few) and was used in conjunction with dietary interventions, lifestyle changes etc. And now the result is there for everyone to see.

After about 5 months after we started the treatment, I was able to bring down her Methotrexate (immunosuppressant) dosage by 25% and about a month back (10 months down the line) by another 25%. We are hopeful that we will be able to completely stop her medication in the next 3 to 6 months.

This brings me to the last bit of news for this post. Based on my research and the amazing results achieved with my daughter’s severe eczema, I am planning to share this knowledge with others suffering from chronic conditions as a certified Health Coach from the Dr Sears Wellness Institute. I am also pursuing another more specialized course as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. I will be focusing on the non medical aspects of dealing with various conditions using dietary and food changes, natural supplements, essential oils, herbal remedies, stress management, counselling to name a few. The clinic is in South Mumbai and I will keep you posted on this once we finalise the dates and other details. 

It has been a long road for us as a family, especially for my daughter. But inspite of all our problems, we never lost sight of what was really important for us. We stood together as one especially during the toughest of times. We took one day at a time and crossed each bridge as it came. It is exhausting and tiring to deal with any chronic condition and it is important to ask for help when required. The love and support we received from our extended family and friends were critical for us. My daughter's clear skin and happy smile is my greatest achievement and my biggest reward. Now it gives me much joy as I look forward to sharing my knowledge and services with others in this this new chapter in my life.

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