Language system in primary classes
|   Jul 14, 2016
Language system in primary classes

Language system in primary classes :

Is it necessary for primary kids to learn more than two languages in their primary schooling?

Coz I am finding these makes kids are confused becoz of similar word pronunciation

Especially when your compare south Indian languages most of the language has a similar accent

Nowadays English is a mandatory subject in all education patterns

All the technical subjects are teaching in English stream in that case why we are need of additional language system.

Acceptable that state language should be followed for the state students.

How can we manage with national language as well along with state language for primary kids?

We have to leave it with them while they are moving to secondary level of schooling; they can choose the additional language according to their own interest.

My suggestion for primary kids is that, they can go along with state and English language till they reach 5.

And we can concentrate more on technical side and practical teaching methodology and give them chances for small level project which kids can do that indeed of parents making it for kids.

We are always adopting and influenced so many things by international standard like fashion, life style, movie making etc... So the same way we can apply in education system, yes there are lots of international schools being dominated in the cities, but I would strongly recommend for language allotment to kids.

Kids will be flourishing and enthuse when the concepts are teach by their own/mother tongue language and additional to it with international language (English).

Additional language system is really needed but when we have to implement, that’s the matter.

When kids started to know about the differentiation of language and they can study and do a comparison of language that makes even more interesting in learning of new languages but obviously not in the primary grade. 

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