Asking the right questions !!
|   Dec 04, 2015
Asking the right questions !!
One of the habits stated in the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey is 'Sharpen the Saw'. Now we can look at this from the point of view of body, heart ,soul and BRAIN.  So, how do we sharpen the saw in relation to brain ? 

I would like to share this image with the readers on what sharpens the BRAIN.

Apart from the academics pursued by our children in school they need to solve riddles, do jigsaw puzzles or sudoku. Asking the right questions which make a child think, debate and research is one of the most important skill of a teacher. One thing which helped my children immensely was answering A Question A Day - a feature owned by Educational Initiatives.  I have seen children look forward to these application & conceptual understanding based, well thought out and fun questions and discuss the answers among themselves. Their excitement was more apparent when they got the answers next day and high fives which followed upon getting them correct.

I would like to share one such questions with our readers.

This question tests the data handling skill of the students. In the first instance the students will answer 23 as the correct answer but the correct answer will be 4  as 23 - 19 = 4 . The students need to understand that 19 children who can read the 5th line can also read the 4th line whereas the question is clearly asking for 'How many children could read the fourth line but NOT the fifth'?
Questions like this really test the Mathematical thinking of children.

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