Time Slot ....
|   Dec 15, 2016
Time Slot ....

Funny is nt it!!!! 

But yes its true we humans are having time slot for everything when to get up when to go to office coming back home. Our life seems to be running  round the clock...

Does time slot effect a relationship !!!!

Nistha was everyday thinking when her timeslot will come when she can talk with her husband when she can seat with him, when she can discuss  with him what is going in her life.... Despite of the fact they lived together under one roof they were still  at a distance  as their time slot was occupied  with something else. Nistha who was always busy with house chorus and Dev her husband was busy with his office work  after office hours his slot was divided between his old parents and office tension. Nistha would  now and then  just peep at what he is doing  stare at him and come back to her room as Dev  will be talking to his parents .she  would be  lonely  ,depressed she would cry for help as this Loneliness sucks her. When she would discuss  all this with Dev would say, " you just say what I will do" ,"I understand  everything  but what to do". It was the  time when Nistha was struggling with herself she thought herself as if she was just a cook of the house, a maid, a caretaker or  is this way bahus are to be treated or  is this what marriage is???? Inside herself Nistha was shouting for help someone to extend  a hand for help she was as if fighting with herself. friends and family were there but she couldn't share anything with  them as she thought it will only lead to  hot  discussion at home as Dev being there son will be supported  and she would be blamed. friends may laugh at her. And her parents will be tensed to know about her position.... All this lead her to be silent  ....the silence which killed her from inside .

Running away from the marriage was nt there in her dictionary as some where or the other she loved Dev he was the person  for whom her heart beat  he was the person who was her every thing... 

Despite  this she got separated from Dev emotionally and the person she was every time  seeking for was now occupied with T V books and smartphone no more she waits for Dev to seat with her whenever  instead  she started using social  media a lot which kept  her happy. 

This is rightly said sometime we have to stand alone just to make sure we still can. 

The time we feel lonely is the time we most need to be by ourself. The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go out  somewhere where they can be quiet .

We are all alone,born alone, die alone we all are alone the whole  way. 

Those sailing in the same boat with Nistha for them its sometimes good for a person to be alone  .It gives them an opportunity to discover who they are and can do something  for themselves... 

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