My Mom’s speciality
|   Oct 21, 2016
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My Mom’s speciality


They say, ‘Stressed’ if spelled backwards becomes ‘Desserts’ that’s why it’s advised to eat something sweet or chocolates whenever we are stressed.

At my home, stressed or not stressed, desserts are a tradition.  Mine is a North Indian family where dessert is a tradition and a meal is incomplete without dessert, so one can’t afford to get desserts everyday from outside, hence many times mom used to make it at home.

One of the desserts which I fondly remember till today is the ‘bread ras malai’ which my mom had invented as a homemade, simple and quick version of ras malai available in sweets shop.

A very simple and homely recipe using bread and boiled milk and what used to come out was a sweet dish, we still call it a cousin of ras malai.

This is a yummy recipe for all seasons, including the Oct-Nov month when summer is slowly fading away with its last trench of heat and winters are not here yet, all in all a pleasant weather. .

Here is a quick and not a very formal recipe:


  • Bread slices: 5 (broken into 2 long pieces per slice of bread or cut in round shape)
  • Sugar: as per taste
  • Sunny International lite oil to fry
  • Milk: 1 litre
  • Grated dry fruits as per choice
  • Powdered cardamom


We need to fry the bread pieces individually, in Sunny lite oil, remove access oil if any.

 Boil the milk to make it thick and reduced. 1 litre milk can be made to boil to become little less than half litre, keep stirring and add sugar as per the desired sweetness once the milk is reduced to desired consistency. Add some dry fruits and/or saffron strands. Let the milk reach room temperature.

Keep the bread pieces in a serving dish and pour the thick milk over it and refrigerate for 5-6 hours

Bread will absorb the milk, add more milk if required, sprinkle some dry fruits & cardamom and enjoy chilled, the cruncy munchy ras malai! #SahiKhilaoFutureBanao



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