I Feel Like a Hen!
|   May 19, 2017
I Feel Like a Hen!

At present I feel like a hen. Yes, seriously! :) :) You may be wondering why am I saying that :)

I am going through an IVF cycle. In this process, eggs from a woman's body are picked up and fertilized with the sperms and when embryo is ready, it is implanted in the uterus. So I am at the stage where I am due for the ovum (eggs) pickup tomorrow. Since this is a method of assisted pregnancy, a lot of powerful triggers were given to me in the form of injections. These triggers were to ramp up the egg making process in the body. 

While in a normal anatomy a female produces only two eggs (one from each ovary); the ultrasound scan shows I have produced 15 eggs altogether. The first time doctor told me I have 15 eggs, I was very surprised. But it's normal in IVF procedure, in fact, it is necessary that so many number of eggs are produced so that the doctors can choose the best 2 or 3 for implant. 

With 15 eggs inside me, I feel very heavy and bloated. I have to be careful while urinating since it puts a lot of pressure and i feel some amount of pain. Doctor has advised rest till the pickup is completed.

I am already on the plump side and this bloating and heaviness makes me feel more huge. With my slow gait and bloated figure (and eggs inside me), I look very similar to a big fat hen ready to lay eggs. So we can say  that the "Chick"  (once upon a time) is now a Hen :)

Bad humor, I know! But it's good to laugh at self once in a while. Humor also reduces the stress that is often created during such treatments.

Can't wait to have these eggs picked up successfully tomorrow. This will complete the most important part of my IVF cycle.

Keep me in your prayers.

P.S: It's really amusing to know how science can create wonders. Be well read and make the best use of available technology and expertise.

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