She knew that he cannot keep his hands off her once he is back
|   Jul 05, 2016
She knew that he cannot keep his hands off her once he is back

It was one of those evenings when she would miss him so bad. It was just a normal evening. She could see children playing, vehicles passing from nearby and at a distance she could also see the workers wrapping up their maintenance work.

It had been too much of a wait. It was almost 9 months that she had bid him a goodbye and as the dusk fell on she missed him even more. She was used to this separation of 9 months, that's the wau their life was. But this evening, it was something different.

Her eyes were glued to the sky to look for him. She smiled to herself realizing that its not where she is really going to see him and even if she does, she knew should have to wait for a very long time to meet him.

Last week she had received his message last week that this year he will be a week late. She was very disheartened to know the delay of meeting him. It had been a very long wait. She was missing him more this time around. She was craving for his touch. She was longing to be in his arms. She always felt that the last few days of this waiting period were the most difficult. And this year it was even worse he had stopped between another town before arriving here.

She remembered last year he had promised to stay with her for long but one day all of a sudden he had to leave. They had harldy spent any time together. Unlike every year, last year they could not make time to help the needy by providing water and food. She was very upset that the masses had to suffer becuase of that. It was their responsibility but they had failed to fulfill it last year. She had vowed that this year, come what may, she not let him go away without helping these people. After all, she was the one who would see them suffer after he is gone!

She had decided that they would sit peacefully and watch children play in mud. They loved to see children getting dirty becuase they could do so only one a year when he is around. Children loved him!

She wanted to stay up the nights with him. When the whole world would sleep, she wanted to cuddle with him and wanted to get drenched in his love. She knew that he cannot keeps his hands off her once he is back. She knew that like always, his act of making love will follow the rhythm of wind blowing outside. His touch would melt her and the whole of the earth would get the fragrance of their love. It had be such a romantic night.

Every moment of wait felt like an eternity. Where was he? Why was he taking so long to come? She was so lost in his thoughts and memories that she did not realise when the night arrived.

Ohhh... this night! For once it is easier to pass the day without him but nights are just impossible. She couldn't sleep that night. She had a feeling that he is going to arrive soon. How could she sleep when she wanted to welcome him with open arms. Minutes passed by and so did hours. But he was not to be seen anywhere yet.

But she could feel him coming. He would always come with a noise and some light. She saw a sudden lightening and heard some thundering. Oh my God! He has almost arrived. She was so happy to feel him coming closer. The wind started blowing. Trees were swaying to that rhythm. Oh my, the same rhythm of their love. Another lightning and little more thundering.

She couldnt wait any longer. She was waiting there with her arms wide open and there he comes.

The first drop of rain falls on the land and thats how their separation ends!

She is happy to feel him. His touch made her shudder. They were inseparable that night. They wanted to pour out their hearts full of love. There was so much to tell each other, they had be talking the whole night!

They didnt know when they had passed out last night. The sun was up but his arrival had mellowed him down. Some times, he would not allow sun to bother the masses for a whole day. That was his power!

The morning was beautiful. They saw that the people looked happy. Everyone was out with their umbrellas and raincoats. The trees looked fresh and green. They could smell mud and it was such a pleasant fragrance!

He picked up a newspaper and smiled at the headline "City experienced first shower of the season. Heavy showers expected for coming days"

He felt proud of himself that like each year, this year too he did not fail to make a headline! He was happy to see how much his land and masses had missed him.

He was happy to be back to her, only for a few months though. He wished to stay with her all through the life but how could he?

He was the Rain and she was the Land. And it was the nature's law that they could stay together only for about 3 to 4 months.

No matter how much the nature would separate them, their love for each other shall never die. The land would survive the dry winters all alone and face the schorching summer only to meet her love. And the rain in turn knows that no one can heal and soothe her better than him and hence he would come to meet her every year.

They both knew that their union is so important for this planet. And that's what keeps them in love. Let's pray that their love stays eternal!

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