Why I chose to breastfeed my baby exclusively!!!
|   Dec 15, 2016
Why I chose to breastfeed my baby exclusively!!!

There is a big hue and cry about whether one should breastfeed exclusively for first 6 months to an infant or take help of top feeds.And many uninformed people think if a mother is giving supplementary food to her baby, may be she is not trying enough to breastfeed exclusively. And taking short cuts. So what if she chose to take that route, it's her body, her baby, her method of making a choice. And it's not easy.

If the hunger requirement of your howling baby does not get fulfilled by breastfeed alone, there is no harm supplementing the daily nutritional requirement of your priced possession with a thoughtfully prepared exclusive for babies so called "top feed". (This is my thought)

So, here comes a small excerpt of the conversation between me and my husband just one month after our daughter came into this world:

In conversation with my Husband.


I think you are doing a great job.

I was startled for a split second, did I hear it right?


What do you mean?


By taking care of our baby so nicely.


Waving my hands off.. every mom does that.


No. I mean literally you are doing something I never thought you will do.



(My all time high hormones taking its place)

You thought I won't be able to take care of her? (Anger rising on my head)


Oh please don't take me wrong. All I meant was, the pain you went through after your surgery with minimal sleep and all that recovery thing, even after that you were determined to breastfeed her exclusively. I commend that action of yours..


(Suddenly becoming very sober and polite)

Oh that.. yeah yeah.. Thanks!

So here comes my list of why I chose to exclusively breastfeed my baby.

  1. The first and foremost has to be, I had severe engorgement after my C section and was scared to death if by any way that lump would have converted to abscess which meant another surgery. So the best option was this.
  2. Since I had a C section, I knew that my child did not get the precious micro organisms present in the passage of birth canal which help develop a stronger immunity and like any other mother I definitely didn't want my child to get sick on initial days. So the only option I could think was breastfeed.
  3. It was surely difficult at the beginning (somehow I remembered someone mention that behave as if you are a cow meant only to supply milk and that stuck to me) but the easiest and no hotch potch method. (taking right measurements from spoon at night when your eyes are barely open, sterilising bottle, child should not constipate, etc. did not excite me at all)
  4. And lastly, whenever I fed my child, the mother in me cried out loud- Mission accomplished 😜

What I also felt was breastfeeding not only helped my child but also a large extent helped ME recover faster and develop a strong bond with my new in the world baby which no one else can have, apart from me.

So to all the new mommies out there, surely breastfeeding our baby is one of God's gift to us and we should try to utilise it to its fullest by exclusively doing so.

There will be one last time and we will never know when that is.. 😊

PS: I thank my husband to support me in whatever way he could in this maddening journey called as Parenthood.

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