Encouraging creativity & child development through Art
|   Jan 23, 2017
Encouraging creativity & child development through Art

As a parent I was paranoid when my 2 year old twin boys started scribbling the walls with anything and everything in their hands. They were really a handful and I had to keeping running after them (not that I lost any weight in the process :) ) but somehow they already had a strategy in place. When I ran after one kid the other twin would work with his colors on the other wall.

In just 2 years my whole house was a live canvas for them with splashes of colors in all sizes, textures, volumes. Initially I tried my best to clean it up but subsequently got tired of cleaning up; I would literally pull my hair with anguish wondering how am I ever going to get rid of this habit of theirs not forgetting the embarrassment that I shall have to face when I have guests over to my place.

In Feb 2016 we decided to shift base to Pune and as all the items got boxed and loaded by the Packers I walked around my empty house and my attention was drawn to the beautiful creative strokes by my little boys. Had a tear trickling down my face with happiness. Wow, did they do this really. Suddenly I felt a proud mom. Clicked lots of pics before the house was painted a virgin white again.

That’s when I started making one sided re-usable papers available to them so they could start drawing on these papers instead of the walls of our new place. Papers got slowly transferred to bound books. I would never tell them what to draw but encourage them to express themselves through their drawings. These scribbles (scribbles are generally labelled negatively since the lines are not defined but its more childlike fun to experiment through scribbles) soon turned to Doodle art I learnt to appreciate. So I started clicking pictures of their Scribbles aka Doodle art.

What fun way to express your desires, dreams, achievements, past, present and future through these strokes of lines. That’s when I realized kids have an innocent mind and heart and the best form of communication that they learn is through these scribbles. So let your kids explore their creative side by giving them the free flow to express themselves at the same time it also helps them develop their fine motor skills. Also this helps them develop their creative side and thinking out of the box. So the next time you see your little one reaching out for that wall of your house let him do so and also do click pictures because you never know if that is the genesis of a future Picasso or a Husain.

I am sharing with you some of my kids Doodle and Scribble Art. If your kid also enjoys Doodling or Scribbling would love to hear from your and do share their pictures too.  

Cheers, Preeti Nair.

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