Motherhood never ends..
|   Jun 23, 2017
Motherhood never ends..

She lay on the bed at the end of a hectic day. She had early mornings and late nights. She lived in a joint family and her professional work status was indeed demanding. Her daughter was still small.

She believed in co-sleeping. That was the only way she could spend that extra time with her apart from play and activity time.  She was all alone in her bedroom.  Her body ached the moment it touched the bed. She craved for that magical touch. The warm touch of her mother's hand. She realised how much she missed her mom' s hair massages and back patting. She missed it all. She always felt that when she was with her mom she never realised her mother's worth. 

That's motherhood.  It never ceases. It continues till the end. A mother is a true embodiment of love and all the magical touch in the world. Her affection and warmth can never be matched. So when her daughter becomes a mother, the daughter  realises how important therapeutic touch is. It relieves all the anxieties and insecurities.  It creates calmness. It helps in self regulation. 

A mother's touch gives all the relief from everything. It is indeed a magic potion. She so longed for it. She wanted to stay with her mother for a lot of time. Yet time was a constraining factor. 

She always had to buy out time from everything. She hardly had any time for herself. Yet she believed in herself and her mother. Her mother was a rock steady pillar of strength whom she worshipped. 

She made it a point to vent out all her concerns to her mother. Her mother understandin she was realised how her daughter struggled to make things work within time frames. Not everyone understands some one so well though.

Her mother ensured that everything fell in place always as her daughter worked overtime. She was a fiercely independent woman herself and the legacy continued. She believed in nurturing independent and humane children. She was also aware of all the effort that went into instilling values in children. 

Planning everything came easily to her. There also came a lot of mental effort along with it.  She would physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the day. Everyday she would yearn to get sound undisturbed sleep.

That day was very tiring. She kept a lot to herself. She sobbed silently in her bed hoping she would dose off. Then suddenly her daughter sneaked into her arms to be put to sleep.

That moment she got busy again. She wiped her tears and slowly slept peacefully. She was all geared to go back to her routine. 

And then they both slept peacefully.

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