The Triple Role Mom.
|   Apr 14, 2017
The Triple Role Mom.

When you are a mother you suddenly feel so responsible. It is like climbing Mount Everest skilfully. I considered my pregnancy as a very responsible task as I wanted a healthy and an intelligent daughter. I did a lot of stuff for it. This was for my internal happiness. 

The source of internal happiness is so important for a female. It is a feeling of satisfaction. Its so easy to say and yet so difficult to implement. I have a career to look forward  to and I have a very supportive family from both sides. I owe a lot to everyone in my life. The role reversal is like a triangle. I was a stay at home mom for 6 months and then a working mother after that. I support both equally. There are reasons for it.

1. Every mother is unique and so is her baby.

2. Every woman has a choice.

3. This choice is her and her family's.

4. The knowledge imparted by concerned people is nice although execution of it is done by the mother.

5. She really knows the best.

6. Inner instinct of a mother rules.

The Triple mom is both a Stay at home and a working mom combination. They both work like a machine. They have a lot in life to look forward to. They feel emotions and so they cry. They feel the need to also have a life. They have to look after their family, their child and also their work which includes a career and the homeliness of a home.

We demean women a lot and many a times even women demean women. I read these statements much more these days. The celebration of womanhood is hiding behind pillars. 

It needs to come to the forefront. The Triple mom needs to wake up. Wake up to happiness and good health. Look forward to a zestful living. Squeeze out some time for yourself. Be happy from within. The internal happiness matters. 

Create an interest and follow it. It can be anything like reading, painting, drawing, cooking, gardening. An  interesting hobby generates a positive outlook towards life.

Life of a mom is beautiful. It is tremendously stressful. Every mother is pained everyday and she cries from within many times a day. She needs and cooperation from the people around her. She is a strong woman who looks to having the best for her child.

The rules remain the same for every mother be it in any form. Children  need love and happiness to nurture.  They need quality and not quantity time. Mothers are constantly busy and yet they manage quality time with their babies. That's extremely important. It's important for the emotional well being of their child.

Our next generation needs self reliant and strong minded children who need cultural values and compassionate humans. The Triple Mom will help create those.

All the very best to the Triple Moms. 

Love and happiness 

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