How Babywearing changed my life as a new MOM!
|   Oct 23, 2015
How Babywearing changed my life as a new MOM!

Festive season - my favourite time of the year is here and I had a great week which kind of went according to plan. All thanks to this super efficient lifestyle choice called Babywearing.

Monday morning my domestic help decides to take a day off. Of course there's no prior information, just a frantic phone call at 9am with an out of the world excuse. She wants to go for Navratri shopping. "Okay fair enough, that woman has a life, good for her", I thought. There are some household chores which you cannot avoid even if it’s for a day so I gulped down my breakfast and got to work. Yes, work! Babywearing lets you be hands-free you see J

Tuesday evening our society club house was decked up in festive lights so I thought of giving my little squish a tour in her fancy starry carrier. She was awestruck with the beautiful lights and I managed to pick some groceries too!

Wednesday morning I had the luxury of flipping through TV channels (trust me, it’s counted as a luxury by new moms) and discovered this awesome, mild dance workout on this new channel called Active Fitness. I was thrilled, it would be a stress reliever I thought and just then my baby got cranky and wanted my attention! I strapped her on and managed to get my groove on.

Thursday was the dreadful vaccination day for little P and my poor baby was in pain. I sailed through the day with her close to my chest (her daddy too did a fabulous job keeping her calm) and still managed to get some long pending odd jobs done. Yet again Babywearing to the rescue!

Friday was a happy day as vaccinations blues had turned into picnic cheers. Little P and I went to a mom n kiddo picnic at the society gardens. It was easy breezy and she slept throughout!! That gave mommy some time to mix and mingle.

Sunday my husband Kayzad surprised us with a spontaneous plan. He took me and little P to this awesome food fair in Bandra. We had some delicious food while she slept peacefully. Being a true blue Bengali, I made a quick stop at the Pali Hill Durga Pujo pandal on our way home. Hands-free outing and a sleeping baby is a fabulous combination!

Being a new parent is hard but if we find some time for ourselves and do the things we love, life becomes a little balanced. Living in a nuclear family for a new mom is tough with no help at hand but babywearing is a boon for us. It has made me confident and independent.

And guess who benefits the most with babywearing? Your little one of course! My baby feels protected and happy when she’s close to my chest, listening to my heartbeat. She also loves to look around and observes what I’m doing around the house or outside. Also when I step out, random people can’t come and start pulling her cheeks if I’m wearing her! See it’s a win win!

I can’t thank my friends enough for introducing me to babywearing and its numerous benefits. After a through research, I zeroed down on a short structured carrier (SSC) by a Mumbai based brand called Cookiie. This ergonomically designed carrier (India’s first) is great for baby’s posture and comfort and is made of baby friendly organic cotton. The Cookiie SSC has indeed made my life as a mom, easier and better.

Before investing in a carrier (Yes, they are not cheap) it’s important to understand the difference between the various styles and then make an informed choice. There’s a sea of information online on ergonomic babywearing. Research well and get set to enjoy a whole new way of bonding with your little one.

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