Mumma, Papa, please hold me, cuddle me, give me a 'jadoo ki jhappi' it indeed means a lot to me.
|   Oct 20, 2016
Mumma, Papa, please hold me, cuddle me, give me a 'jadoo ki jhappi' it indeed means a lot to me.

Rahul's parents were giving a strange stare to Neha's for being 'wild' when they saw them throwing her up and hold back while playing. But Rahul was feeling differently, he felt left out (of the fun moments, loving moments, special moments maybe), envious and unloved as he felt that only if his parents could also play with him so engagingly. All his life he grew up with this feeling alive in him till he learnt to be expressive in the manner he wanted to be a recipient of, fully, engagingly, heartily. From being known as an 'introvert' he blossomed into an 'ambivert' ( a mix of both introvert and extrovert) by choice trying to resolve an unsettling curiosity whether he was an introvert by 'nature' or 'nurture'. while the world definitely needs a balance of both kinds-introverts and extroverts, it is the feeling of inadequacy and discontentment and the probability of blossoming into a different personality is what the point being made here.

While by now it is quite common a knowledge that most of a child's brain develops in the first five years of his/her life, but there are few factors that add up to the quality of your child's brain as well as personality development. Let's have a look at them here:

Physical Contact/Warmth: 

While a 'jadoo ki jhappi" goes a long way in strengthening any bond be it parents, siblings, friends or a couple be as generous as you can in showering your child with lot of physical affection by means of cuddling, hugging, kissing or a lot of physically fun activities as that helps your child feel safe, secure, loved and special which in turn adds to his/her self esteem and ability to build and enjoy fulfilling relationships later in life. Lack of it may lead to shyness or an inhibited expression of affection even in close relationships.

Undivided Attention:

Make your child or each one of your child an apple of your eye literally by talking, listening or just playing with them for sometime everyday. Even a few minutes to half an hour a day would help your child carry through the day contentedly. No TV, cellphone, or parallel conversations with anybody else at that time.

Positive Communication:

Frame your sentences as to what the child should do instead what he/she should not and then genuinely appreciate their efforts. Children are going to be themselves and will definitely test your patience but no hitting at all costs as that hampers a child's self confidence and self esteem as well adding to a distance with the hitting parent.


read and tell a lot of stories to them.  they love it as it once again gives a slice of your precious time and also both real and fantasy, family and adventure stories go a long way in a child's language development, imagination, cognitive development and research suggests even in their achievement motivation too.

Language Development:

Speak to them in more than one language, research suggests it helps in faster brain development as the child's brain needs alertness to analyze and differentiate the two languages. While its good to be proud of one's mother tongue, there's nothing wrong if he/she learns a globally used language like English or any other native language and that ways you also teach them to respect other languages equally as yours.

Lots and Lots of Play: 

Play is essential and integral to a child's overall development. Structured play, unstructured play, pretend play, parallel play, playing with same age mates, playing with age mates varying in ages all just enhances your child's fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development and also leadership and negotiating skills.

Wishing us all a happy and enriching parenting experience.

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