What ?? Am I pregnant ?! - Decoding Pregnancy - Week16
|   Mar 01, 2017
What ?? Am I pregnant ?!  - Decoding Pregnancy - Week16

Ok !!! I know I am late in starting to write a blog/post about being pregnant,well, you can blame the nausea-tic first trimester for it and the saying goes "Better late than never!!".

Few details about me - Married for over 2 and 1/2 years, live in Hyderabad,India,in a joint family. I work for a Consulting firm ,travel for around 3 hours everyday to work. The decision to start a family was a mutual,happy and progressive one in our relationship.

I am turning 27 next month, my husband has already turned 30, so we thought it was just the right thing to do.

Well, luckily, we didn't have trouble conceiving. In fact, the stick read 2 lines, after just a month of trying, can thank my periodic,dutiful menstrual cycle for it.

We were ecstatic, beyond this world and just loved the feeling! The whole process from the first visit to the gynaec to the first scan done and getting the assurance that there is a new life inside me took a full two weeks to digest.This was during week 8.

Then starts the actual fun. Week 9 and pregnancy hits me, hits me hard !!! Terrible bout of morning sickness, in fact, all day sickness... I would feel nauseatic all the time, before a meal, after eating, during nights, all the time. Using prescribed medication did help me to a certain extent, but once I would start puking, it wouldn't  stop. I would look sick and feel sick. Husband stared helplessly.

Eating in small portions , being hydrated and having home made food was the only way out.

By week 10, could feel my tummy hardening. Though, I hadn't popped yet, but wearing skin tight jeans were not at all comfortable now. I dint know that the following weeks were only going to get worse.

Week 12 - One fine Monday morning, all packed and ready to go to office, and then it starts. I feel sick and the vomiting starts. It refuses to subside. I had taken my medication, had my breakfast, done everything right, but it just doesn't stop. My face turns pale and family gets tensed. A call to the hospital and I find myself on the doctors bed being examined. Doc says its normal and happens at times,need to be kept under observation with IVF drips administrated. Lying on the hospital bed for 5 hours while going through 3 IVF drips, my thoughts wandered from enjoying pregnancy to whether I really want to do this and if yes,Will I ever enjoy it?

Week 16 - Well, the nausea has worn off mostly( still get irritated at few peculiar smells).. A little baby bump proud on display, gained back all the lost weight of the first trimester and now, I love pregnancy !!!!

PS: This is the first of a series of blogs written during my pregnancy two years back. I will post the same in intervals. Do keep reading and be updated for more of my blogs.

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