How do I get my Kid excited about going Back To School'
|   Jul 06, 2016
How do I get my Kid excited about going Back To School'

Who doesn't crave for some vacation time, if we adults crave for it then imagine the kids.

We were just back from a lovely vacation to Shimla and Manali. The hangover of nature's sheer bliss and beauty still hung heavy over our minds and we were struggling to get back to our routines. Luckily I snapped out of it faster than the rest,  as I had some blogging assignments to complete and  blogging is my love.

A few days later, as I was writing my blog all focused,  my kiddo who was reading a novel in the same room suddenly asked me, " What's the date Mamma?" Reluctantly looking away from my blog I replied, " 26th May",  upon which I heard a sad groan from him. Taking my attention completely off my computer screen, I asked him, " What's the matter love? " His innocent worried retort made me grin,  "School begins within a fort night." he grumbled.

I could completely empathise with him, gone would be these vacation days full of merriment and unadulterated play time. My kids typical vacation day would start at 7am when he would play badminton and come home to have a sumptuous breakfast followed by free play time where either he or his friends visited each other's houses. Many a times they even lunched together. Afternoons were spent at home reading, doing some school project work, some television time and again back to play outside by 4:30 pm, only to return home late in the evening.

The poor kid looked so forlorn that I decided to take it upon myself to cheer him up. Come on Adhiraj I said to him, let's make a list of the fun things to look forward to school.

Reasons to be excited to go Back to School

  • You get to use your brains and give it some fodder by learning new stuff.

  • Meet  new friends. Who knows, you might make your best buddy this new year.

  • You get to meet your existing school friends whom you meet only in school and again get to plan night outs and get-togethers  with them.

  • Get to eat home cooked food in the lunch and snack boxes - (this year we have opted out from the school food and my kid was looking forward for some home cooked goodies in his Tiffin). So we sat down to make a list of the menu he would prefer in his Tiffin Box. He jotted down pasta, stuffed paratha, noodles, different type of sandwich which included jam and bread, mayonnaise and bread , cheeses spreads etc as his choice of menu.

  • Look forward to the new sport activity.

  • Look forward to take on the new session with zeal and motivate yourself to get better grades.

  • Look forward for the Science lab activities

  • A new school bag, new stationery and yes  new Tupperware Tiffin Boxes and water bottle.

Sure enough I had shaken my kid from his melancholy stance to a happier one. I could not help but appreciate the way kids are so awesomely uncomplicated little beings which is so unlike us adults. A few positive reasons had had my son looking forward to going back to school. Though I was playing  the role of a counsellor here, he had so easily taught me such an important lesson. " Life's simple and so revel in its every moment."

One moment we could be sad but its upon us to shake it off and be happy again.

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