Learning should be fun and not an ordeal - Technology can help
|   Jul 12, 2015
Learning should be fun and not an ordeal - Technology can help

Learning with Fun. Technology And My Young Genius

Who would want to swipe places with our Gen Z, (our children) with all the stress that they face in their daily lives, stress of catching the bus as early as 6:30 in the morning, stress of understanding concepts in schools, then again coming home and doing homework, then to solve practice exercises, then to revise for the ever persistent exams and the list can go on and on. It’s so sad that our little ones have to endure so much. Don’t we all feel that at some point we need to take a call and change this monotonous life of managing cumbersome studies?  Don’t we all agree that learning should be challenging but at the same time it should be fun and interesting?

Being an academician for more than 10 years and being associated with Pune’s top notch schools and now management colleges, I sincerely feel there is a necessity of application based learning. New Concepts should be introduced and taught though practical ways and assignments on them should be application based. Teachers need to give students one on one time, which is a herculean job. But there is a solution to this and that is taking the aid of technology. Technology can help solve most of these issues.

The good news is some schools have started using the latest technology like smart boards and having tie ups with companies that offer online education websites which are very interactive, which cater to the needs of all kinds of learners, the audio, visual and  kinaesthetic learners. They not only keep the teacher in the loop but also the parents who can form a major support system to bring about a positive change in the teaching pedagogy. These online educational websites help make learning and practicing concepts innovative. Some good websites help parents and the teachers create their very own assignments and revision worksheets online. They give them the choice of creating fun based and practical questions from their ready to use expert question banks or create their own questionnaire.

There are siteswhich along with doing the above encourages children to solve worksheets by giving them little incentives. The added advantage of these sites is that the student can check his/her answers at the end of each revision worksheet and know where and how they stand. They also offer a graph which summarises the student’s performance in a nutshell. Students can create their own contests for their peers which is a great way of learning too.

In a nut shell, the features and analytics  help in the following ways.

·         Teachers and parents can create assignments/ assessments of their own or use one from their ready to use assignments.

·         These assignments are related to the topics covered in the school, term wise so that they are in tandem with each other.

·         The analytics have pictorial graphs which depict how many assignments the child has completed pertaining to different topics and what are his/her areas of strengths and weakness.

·         Teachers and Parents can make these assignments as per their free time and assign stipulated dates for their kids to solve them.

·         Students are given little rewards as a way of encouragement for completing these assignments/exercises on time.

·         The formative ways of assignments help in giving a lot of practice and if a child finds them difficult to solve, then a report is sent to the teacher and to his parents so that they can help him/her with it.

·         Online tutorials and step wise answers to formative questions .

·          Subjective type assignments.

·         A list of expected learning outcomes are also provided to the teacher based on the curriculum they follow.

All these above feature are sure measures which will help you maintain a great rapport with your kid and ensure constructive academic growth.

‘Canvas Tabby’ 

I am looking forwards for your views on this topic, let us all put our minds together towards HAPPY LEARNING.

‘This article is an entry to the contest ‘Technology and my young Genius’ by Micromax Canvas Tabby. Click here to find out more about the Tabby www.thetabby.in

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