Relationship!! I am holding it , Are you??
|   May 27, 2016
Relationship!! I am holding it , Are you??

The life goes by,

and we keep search for happiness!

Could not figure out,

what is less?

        Still thinking and hope,

        If this happens , that happens , i will be happy!

        Forgetting the fact

        Happiness comes so easy!

Sharing , caring and loving,

3 secrets of being happy!

Do you already know it,

or just being lazy!

       What holding you asking your dear ones,

       Hows everything going ?

       You never know but,

       Someone wants their phone ringing!

In the world of fb, twitter and so on,

Everything comes so handy!

Even the relationship also becomes,

piece of candy !

      Nobody bothers to call,

      Nobody bothers to ask!

      Is this the way you want your kids,

      to grow in the world of masks!

Relationship are to hold

And not let them go!

Even if it let you put down,

Some of your ego!

Think today, are you really true to your family and if not , whats the reality, what went wrong, what did you do and can be done to save it. Do it right now and save it, because FAMILY is the only key of being happy..

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