बदलाव…!! एक नज़रिया
|   Feb 07, 2017
बदलाव…!! एक नज़रिया

From a well achieved HR Manager Position to a Mom at Home… It was MY CHOICE!

Undoubtedly, it was a very tough decision and did implicate numerous days of thoughts, discussions with family and self-thinking. The very thought of putting my doll to day-care was a nightmare. I had a support of my mother to take care of my child, but it was our decision to start the family and not to leave with my mom. Getting our parent’s support for the new born care, post-delivery care is a blessing and I was privileged for that itself.  

So, with due reasonable thinking, I decided to quit my job.

Initial days of quitting my job & being at home with my daughter were so exciting as I was enjoying her growing days and loving the developments of your own version, MY CHILD.

With passing days, when you are full day at home and your child is following a routine, you then realize the changes that are made in your life. You are no longer that confident professional but has turned to a complete emotional and self-doubting human being. You know, you cannot go back to work as even with playgroup/school timings, your child will be away for just 3-4 hours. You still need to be available for your child.

So what next…?

How do you keep yourself motivated and get rid of the tag – What you do being at home?

Well, had this question been asked 20-30 years back, I would still be defending about the umpteenth duties that a woman performs being at home. It is the Divine’s creation that he has made woman who is an expert of multi-tasking. A woman is capable to manage home, kids and even excel in additional role. There are so many avenues to try hands on. Some of them are – Home Bakers, Home Chefs, Spiritual Healers, Occultist, etc.

I did try my hands on Tarot card reading and Vastu Shastra. These learnings give an awareness, self-confidence, self-belief and of course acceptance about the changes in life. You get motivated to keep moving. Most essential is you taking the FIRST STEP – so do push the woman within you for another challenge… 

You were, are and will always be Awesome!!

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