Being a Full time Mom... I kept everything Part time.
|   Jul 01, 2017
Being a Full time Mom... I kept everything Part time.

Have you every felt guilty about being a career oriented woman and working for part time as you became a Mom.

Or have you been a full time mom and gave up everything for that.

Or did you manage both in parts and were never feeling complete.

What ever you did you were and are fantastic dear mommy.

My story!

I became a mom. I dropped everything for a while to be a mom.

As my children grew things started falling in place .

My pillar of support were and are my kids.

I started with work as a part timer . When I did apply for jobs I was questioned you have taken a big break I smiled and said ya because I love being Mom to God's blessing!

My first note on my resume stated would only work for the hours my kids were at school.

Some people found that difficult to take.Some appreciated and some loved that with two kids also I wanted to balance work- life.

As things came together I even pursued to study to add to my professional qualification.

My husband my children and my family will always be my priority.

My friends will always be irreplaceable

So when I say I work part time I give that part of my time dedicated to my profession and my co workers. I will be there for you only for that part of the time.

Rest my full time is for the most important people who support me for being me.

I thank the people who have given me an opportunity to grow at work with them.

But as life unfolds its new chapters .. more things will come ,old will part for new to come.

I may have new workplaces ,new co-workers but family and friends will always be my top priority and my full time love.

I sometimes felt suspended between family and work.

But then a power within me balances everything thats the the power of being a mom.

I am Full time Mom.. rest everything is just a part of me.

Love being Me

Love being Mom

Love being a Woman

Love to live my Dreams!

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