Compiling Life .. its beautiful.
|   May 04, 2017
Compiling Life .. its beautiful.

3 decades have already gone by. Bygones be bygones but when I see it looks like a beautiful phase with lots of adventures, memories and totally fulfilling experience.

Being into a professional feild.Working like a machine just because I thought this is my age to prove myself now was a rocking idea.


This is a crazy phase. You just complete your graduation are bombarded with lifes challenges and to add more the sudden independence and everyone thinks now you should take life seriously

Seriously why ?

I mean cannot we all be like a little crazy with added madness and chilled for a little while.

By the time the fact is digested marriage hits you and you go bonkers in the love story life. One of the life event you really do not know why everyone is so excited and together making a buzz about. But ya thats one happy beginning.I loved that joy of marrying


Finally all looks settled professionally personally, finanacially and in all the ways.

And than what you decide is lets start a Family.

This is where things take a round about from what you always think.

After I delieverd my children I thought once they settle I will also be easily ok to go back to my routine . But routine is just a word now

What I do is a a multi talented job of being a mother.

Wow I am proud to be MoM.

From creative schools projects to rocking story writing. I can know their school work before them. My memory is synced to the school work boards. Have mommy friends . Can make art from any thing. Doing research about their vocabulary is my all time job. Google is like my close relative.

I have almost hit to the #midthirties and I am going strong.

Now I miss a lot of my past I wish I could go back and live some moments rectify a few and make some alive.

Reaching my #forties on a good note is now on my bucket list.

Growing younger each day is what matters because your heart, soul and mind are just beautiful. Rest age is just another number in life.

And I write about all this inpriration stories on #mycity4kids

From being me to being mommy to being myself is always surprising and inspiring.

Love my life and soon will be settled to routine... lol just kidding!😉

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