Married in an Educated Illiterate Family.. Part2
|   Nov 15, 2016
Married in an Educated Illiterate Family.. Part2

Life can be difficult

But not impossible

We all go through some rough times and we question why me?

The answer lies within the question why me because no one can be you.

You are chosen because only God knows you can do.

The story so far...

Muskaan almost shattered with the broken pieces of herself cried to clean her soul.

She woke up one morning to tug back the broken pieces and make a new Muskaan ...The person she wanted to be, gathered the courage and she set open the cage to see the world a better place.

Muskaan spoke to her husband the only one soul she trusted more than herself and the one who loved her before everything.Muskaan's husband was happy to see the girl bloom from Muskaan the one he had fallen in love the first time he saw her.

Muskaan now knew she had done everything right for everyone. She had been a daughter who made her parents proud.She had been a sister who always made her siblings strong. A perfect wife with the imperfections fit in right.A mother who always had her heart bouncing around and skipping heart beats.And a daughter in law who was good but ...thats where she was failing not because she was at fault but no one was yet sure to accept her and just expect her to do the needful..

Muskaan thought that she had cleared one level though she was struggling to balance with her in laws family.She still had hopes that one day she will pass.

Now she decided to start a fresh to start living her dreams .She started her new life with her hobbies so she could get out of the depression .She started connecting with people who encourged her, who supported her views, who loved her for being herself and who wished she wore her name on her Face always Muskaan.

Muskaan is now pursuing some beautiful dreams and is happy.

She learnt love urself first only than love will attract everything.

Life may bring you to roads that end but new beginnings are born from here.

Muskaan today made all odds against her a source of power.She walked through rivers of tears, hurdles of pains and emerged much stronger beautiful and happy..

I m glad to write and share this story as this Muskaan will always be inspiring me.

Muskaan ..the story of the smile that touches soul.

P.S: work of fiction inspired by some strong women I know who can smile through the deepest pains.

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