Secret Santa.
|   Dec 13, 2016
Secret Santa.

Secret Santa.

We all love Santa claus ,don't we?

We secretly wish every christmas to have a gift in the stocking and some under the christmas tree to unwrap surprise.

Christmas brings in a lot of joys along with it. The feeling of happinesss ,the smiles on the faces and a whole readyness of bringing in the the year together in one complete story.

As a little girl I really didn't know whether the Santa claus is real or someone masked it but I loved the concept of getting a gift from FatherChristmas.

My parents used to take us to visit santa claus for a few years while we were kids.Than every year at school we waited for the christmas party. Some where we knew one of our teachers was dressed as Santa.So the eagerness was to know which teacher was it.

It was all so much fun. As years passed and we got busy with life christmas became more important as a day of from the delay routine and a break from work.

Soon things starting becoming exciting again. When I became a mom christmas was actually like really living back my childhood.We celebrated my daughter's first christmas with more excitement than her. The little darling must be wondering why is papa wearing that big red cap.

As she grew we started putting up things together and the joy of festival vibrated around us.

Now every year we put up our stocking at the window pane. Put in some wishes,pray to FatherChristmasand go to bed happily on the christmas eve.

And we rise to dawn of surprises so early in the morning to open the the gifts.

The gifts are planned for our children accorging to how they have been through the year ,the things they wished long due and how inportant it will be of use to them.

Than there is note of thanks to the Santa Clausfor visiting our home and some promises to be good for the year.

This all may sound so much better over the years when my children grow up and smile with happiness over their memories.

My daughter has a fair idea that Daddy dearis our Secret Santa.She will say with joy thank you santa for the present.

And my dear santa and me exchange the most happy smiles.

With this concept of Secret Santa I try to give my children an understanding that we should also be like Santa Claus.Santa comes in and goes secretly giving us the best things we want without expecting anything in return for the good deeds.Similarly we should be a Secret Santa to someone somewhere and keep doing our good deeds with good thoughts for blessings come in the form of happiness and success.

Little acts of kindness go along way.Lets start with little hands today.

As my children grow old they may have a different way of looking at christmas but the thought behind will remain with them.

The joy of giving and receiving makes the world a happy place.

Lets teach our children that world is a beautiful place if we are the happy spot. It starts with us to come back to us.


Wishing everyone A Merry Christmas and may FatherChristmas fill in our homes with happiness ,joys ,smiles and lots and lots of good wishes for today and always.

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