#stopjudging Me because I am unlike you.
|   Mar 10, 2017
#stopjudging Me because I am unlike you.

Born to be a girl

Bloomed to be a lady

Grew to be a woman

Lived to play the multiple roles of changing moulds.

At every phase a woman is judge for what she is why she is and what she is going to be?

Why why why ?

Answers are given ,sometimes unanswered ,somestimes ignored but always judged for being what she is at that point of time.

Why is it that woman are first questioned and that accepted.

ExPected ..exCepted and lastly accepted this summarises much of a life of a woman.

#stopjudging me

Let me be Myself..

I am as a person Simple.I guess I inherited that from my mother. My identity comes from Simplicity.

My makeup is a sparkle in my eye and a smile on my face. And most people I know love me for this charm that I carry with me always.

My husband even choose me as his wife for this and he is proud of his choice. Just being modest:)

But when I got married as a newly wed everyone expected me to dress up like a bride everyday.Like wearing loads of things ,glamourous clothes and go out like a matching centre.

A little intial in life to understand the melodrama of being married and considering it to be a family reputation symbol I did do for a few times. But after which I starting feeling claustrophobia in my own body.

Looking at myself at the mirror my reflection questioned who are you?

I spoke to myself one night and said I am what I want to be no one can be me.

And the morning was different I washed everything old behind and wore my favourite kurta-churidar and draped my colourful dupatta and held my bag in which I carry my world wore on my glasses and applied my lip gloss and winked at myself and smiled.

I felt alive.

Its weird but I was judged for being a Simple girl . As a professional I was always told you are so qualified and you dress like a sober soul you should add a littel more of glamour , you wear spectacles you should wear lenses(this was too much to be judged for) you do not even match or change your jewellery.

I excused myself one day to all these weird thoughts people had about me.

I wear colours to brighten my day and not ur choice.

I wear spectacles because my profession needs me to see and not show off.

I cannot wear matching jewellery and accessories everyday as I do not have time.I invest my time with my husband and kids for that matter.

Somedays when I dress like a wonder doll and ya I too love it and feel happy about it. And its even on that occassion I am told....Omg !!!look today someone is all decked up...

Always judged because I am me ...unlike and not alike.

With my experience over three decades have realised a woman is a woman's best friend and the greatest critic.

Lets stop judging each other and share hugs!

This woman's pledge to #stopjudging eachother.

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