The story of  Ten rupees.
|   Jan 24, 2017
The story of  Ten rupees.

Richie is one amazing cartoon series that shows how money can bring materialistic happiness and true happiness together.

But in an ideal situation it is upto us how we connect being happy and being rich.

"All happy people are rich but all rich people may not be happy."

This fits in just right when we look closely around.

We may have all the money to buy everything as a parent but does that bring happiness to our chidren.This is where the dilema is ?

This is a little incident that happened with me one morning when my daughter was off to school.

My daughter was around 6 years old and she asked me for rs.10.

Giving her 10rs was nothing big. But by nature being a little over cautious and over concern I asked her " baby what will you buy in just 10rs. Would that be enough?"

She looked at me and looked at the 10rs note. I thought she would say ok give me more but her answer amazed me.

She said" It is so much money , it is 10rs ( felt like 1000 to her). I can buy one samosa and chocolates and I may save some and give you the change back.

I was dumbstruck by her calculation by than she waved me bye and left for a rocking day at school.

This was the very first time she had taken money to school to enjoy something from the canteen.

The whole day I was happy and waited till she came and hugged her.

She taught me in a casual way that how you look at things is more important and that is what brings happiness.

It was not the amount of money I gave her made her happy it was the joy of having money and sharing the little things she bought from it with her friends that completed the story of the 10rs note.

This little part of her life and the story of 10rs always makes me feel that life is simple we just complicate it as we grow.

My daughter teaches me many lessons of life in an unusual way and leaves me amazed by the kind acts of good deeds that she does.

Let us teach our children to value everything that we give them. Let them understand that being grateful is important. Learning to value at a young age goes a long way.

We all love are children we all want to give them the best even if it goes beyond our reach but lets teach them to understand and value the efforts we put in together and to be thankful. Because happiness comes through kind acts.

Happiness is totally in our control and being satisfied being in that state of mind makes life completely enjoyable.

Lets share some valuable time more and make every penny that we earn worth of million stories to be a part of our family story.

We all have our moments of up and downs,

We all have those days when we question our lifes situations and wonder why me?

We all live at the edge to achieve the highest honours,

We all want everything but at the cost of what?

Lets keeep is simple.

Enjoy little things.

Make happiness the state of mind.

Be satisfied at every phase.

Dream big and work towards.

Count our blessings.

Thank god and show gratitude.

Live life with a smile and happy attitude.

From a ten rupee note to a lesson learnt for making me smile for a lifetime.


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