Don't Ever Touch Me Again!
|   Jul 21, 2017
Don't Ever Touch Me Again!

A couple of months back, I saw this dreadful video of a child, a boy of about 4-5 years of age, enjoying a remote control car ride, at the mall. The car went going in different directions, with the operator following it with the remote. It was all fine, when all of a sudden, I saw the operator looking around, a sly look in his face. The next thing you know, he had directed a car behind a pillar where he stopped it, walked up to the kid, and started kissing him on the mouth, forcibly. The kid, obviously terrified, was being assaulted at a lonely spot in a super packed mall. Moreover, I wondered who the person videotaping the entire thing was (it was not CCTV footage). They should have immediately went and stopped that disgusting excuse of a person before they assaulted the child. Because, whatever be, the moment the child suffered this incident, they were scarred for life. 

Where were the parents? How can someone be so trusting to leave their child in the hands/toy car of a complete stranger? Tail the car please, tail the person, at least!

After having seen this horrific incident, my eyes kept looking at the toy car operator in every mall I went to. I am not in any way implying that all of them are bad people. But in my heart, I just felt like watching out for those kids, in case, their parents weren't around.

It had not been too many days that I saw another such operator kind of poking and pushing a kid, boy aged 3-4 years, on a toy bike ride. The moment he saw me glaring at him, he stopped doing so. It is not just such people, but there are many people around us, who are mighty frustrated. But our children should not be the place where they vent their frustration. 

Let's all make sure that we keep our kids under a firm watch and make sure that no stranger touches them or ill-behaves with them. It might be just one incident but it changes the kid's life forever, however small the incident is. If we ever see anything going wrong, even with a kid we don't know, let us raise our voice and teach the perv a lesson immediately. 

Children should be taught to create a hue and cry when faced with such situation. In case, they are unable to shout, like in the case of the first scenario I shared with you, ask them to poke their finger's into the person's eyes. Let us educate those parents who are a bit more relaxed when it comes to letting their child be. Although, it's a great thing to do, teaching your child to be independent, it is also important to make them self-reliant, as well. 

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