A child who has never missed school
|   Jun 07, 2016
A child who has never missed school

The last few weeks have been very hectic, so I have not really had the time to post anything on FB. However I do log on once in a few days to see what my loved ones have been up to. And on one such expedition this evening, I see a blog posted on a parents’ network. Seven years of being a parent have taught me to ignore all the preachy parenting articles on the net and I rarely read such articles. However, the first few lines of the blogpost on my newsfeed makes me curious. It’s a question by a child on how she wants to be absent from school one day. I think this is going to be a funny one. So I open up the blog and start reading. Sure enough, the first few sentences are funny where the child is asking her mother why she can’t skip school for a day. The writer writes well and immediately I am transported back to my school days when I used to stand out in the sun, hoping to catch a fever so I would not have to go to school.

The second paragraph, however, is a different story altogether. It starts off by telling how the child has never been sick, never. Coz the mother has inculcated a habit of healthy living at home. No junk food, no skipping meals, eating fruits and vegetables… you get the gist. And I am thinking, “I don’t believe I am reading this”. I follow very similar rules at home. Saanvi eats meals healthier than many kids her age. She also has better immunity than many kids her age. But I thank God every day for a child that actually eats. And I know I am blessed. I have seen enough kids with low appetite to understand why a mother might feed her child something junk just to get some calories inside. I have met enough kids with low immunity to understand that you can have low immunity levels inspite of leading a healthy lifestyle, and I have seen enough kids who eat well but are still sick pretty often to understand that getting sick may not necessarily be a result of bad parenting at home.

Mothers have enough guilt to deal with, on a daily basis. We judge and are judged for everything we do or don’t do. From the time our kids are born, we are judged and we judge ourselves. From the way our kids dress, the way they eat, the way they act/sing/play, the way they perform in school, the way they sleep, we are judged and judge ourselves every hour, every minute. We have enough experts talking about giving kids a break. Why not give the mothers a break, for a change? Stop judging a mother based on her kid. And most of all, do not judge a mother based on how often a child is sick.The mother is dealing with her own personal hell anyway on what she did wrong. A little bit of empathy from us all will help her along. And no matter how healthy or un-sick your child is, if you have not taught her empathy, you have not taught her anything. If you must judge, judge a mother only based on her own empathy and sensitivity. The rest can be taught.

And on a less serious note, a child who has not missed school has not lived. Relive your childhood days of fun on missed school days and you will actually feel sorry for a child who has never missed school. What fun that child has missed!!! Maybe I should start judging parents whose kids have never missed school :-)


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