A Page A Day
|   May 09, 2016
A Page A Day

A page a day. That’s what I have asked my daughter to write. She got feedback from the school that she needs to practise more so her work is near. So here we are. She is at her desk writing B and b. And I am near her, writing whatever comes to my mind. Coz I need to let her see that even parents have to write during study time. Hopefully that will motivate her to write. At least that’s what I think.


As I bring her up, I find myself making changes – small and big, in me. I stopped biting nails the day I realized she was fascinated by that sight. And now for the first time in my life, I enjoy the cutting and filing of nails a manicure involves. My teeth don’t do the job anymore.


I stopped watching Hindi soap operas the day I saw she was more interested in Anandi’s plight than she should be. I switched to Masterchef and now the whole family enjoys watching it together. I stopped talking about others (well, gossiping) as her ears are sharp. And I am consciously changing the way I talk as I want her to be a bit more tactful than I ever was.


Less junk food,  more gymming, less loud music, less dumb movies, more books, definitely more writing and less ‘keyboarding’, more PDA, less showing of anger/resentment, more maturity, more tolerance, more socializing, less shying away from making new friends, more talking to strangers, more calmness, less restlessness, more generosity, more assertiveness, more able to say NO, less letting people ride roughshod over you.


A child gives birth to a mother. I first read this quote near Bandra a decade back but I realize its truth now. A child gives birth to a mother. A child also makes you a better human being if you are open to it.


As I finish writing, I look over. B is just over and b has just started. She is doing a good job at it, laboring to finish it even though she may not really want to. I hope all the writing does make her work neat, coz mine still isn’t.

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